Unique Yet United Greek Life. Flamingos, Alligators, & Panthers Oh My!

HSU's Rush Week included 16 formal rush events for Greek clubs.


It’s that time of year where Pink Flamingos, Alligators, Panthers, fluorescent orange sweatshirts and many more unique Greek club symbols begin appearing on campus as clubs begin rushing their future pledges.  

Alex Beaird, freshman psychology major and Zeta Chi rush from Frisco expressed his view on his rushing experience,” I think it’s a lot of fun, and something everyone should do if they have the time.”

The start of spring semester kicked off 16 formal rush events for Greek clubs, such as Alpha Iota Omega’s Think Pink on January 15, Sigma Alpha’s Safari Rush on the January 14 and Lambda Alpha Tau’s Preferential Dinner coming up on January 25 just to name a few.

Kathrine Park, sophomore social work major from Montgomery, Texas valued her time last year as a rush and pledge, “Rushing and pledging were definitely a fun time in my life. One of my favorite parts is when I see other ladies from another club there is still a bond because you both know what pledging is like and understand the different things you have to do being involved in Greek life. You are able to relate to one another.”

Greek Life at Hardin-Simmons University offers a diverse group of clubs, but despite the uniqueness of each club there is a sense of unity.

Shelby Knox, senior art major and Sigma Alpha member from Temple, said concerning the diversity that, “You can find something different in every club because we are so diverse, but it broadens the options where people can fit in, have a community/family and feel at home.”

When asked “Why Greek” the same answer was repeated amongst different clubs and members.

Knox said, “Community. Fellow Christians to laugh with, cry with, love on, support and encourage each other. Becoming a member of a club is like automatic friendship with so many new people.”


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