• Canvas Onboarding

    To successfully transition to our new learning management system, HSU identified a variety of training options ranging from live webinars to on-demand training options. The live webinars offer real-time instruction and interaction with Canvas experts which we believe provides the best experience for learning Canvas. However, we also realize that due to busy schedules and time challenges that an on-demand approach may be the best option for some. At the bottom of the page are badging instructions for online faculty that will allow them to confirm their webinar or on-demand training participation. It is not required for face-to-face or hybrid faculty to complete the webinars or on-demand training, but it is highly recommended.

    Live Webinars

    We have subscribed to the live webinar training package which offers a large variety of trainings conducted by Canvas experts offering an interactive experience. Listed below are the five webinars Canvas recommends to begin using their LMS. For a brief explanation of the webinars, click here: Webinar Descriptions.  

    1. First Look
    2. Course Basics
    3. Course Communications
    4. Content Pages
    5. Gradebook and Speedgrader
    To sign up for and complete the webinars, you will need to log into Canvas, create an account and sign up. Here's how:

    Step 1: Log Into Canvas
    Go to HSU Central and and click on the Canvas icon in the upper right-hand menu. Log in using your HSU username and password. You will be in your instance of Canvas.

    Step 2: In Canvas, go to the Faculty Workshop
    You will see icons going down the left side of your screen. You can use your mouse hover over the icons to see the various functions. When you are ready, click on the "Courses" icon (fourth icon under the HSU logo). This will open up a list of courses in which you are enrolled. You will at least have two courses on your list: Workshop for Faculty and a SANDBOX Course. Click on "Faculty Workshop." This will take you to the home page. Please read the information on this page and when ready, click on "Modules" in the left-hand menu to proceed to the Canvas Webinar Training module. 

    On-demand Options

    Below are listed training options that offer you a variety of ways to learn how to use Canvas on your schedule. You may want to examine the Webinar Descriptions above to allow you to select an on-demand experience that will give you a similar training experience.

    Additional Resources

    Confirming Your Training: For Online Faculty Only

    We ask all our online faculty to complete the Canvas training live webinars. It is critical to the learning experience for the student and the faculty members to be able to effectively administrate a fully online course.

    Badges: We have implemented a badging system to allow you to confirm training. To be awarded the HSU badge, go to the Faculty Workshop course in Canvas (all faculty are enrolled in this course). You can click on Modules, then review the Canvas Webinar Training Overview or go directly to the Badge Recognition link for the corresponding Live Webinars. After you click on the link, check “Mark as Done” in the upper right-hand corner.

    What badge(s) do I check if I am doing the on-demand option? If you prefer the on-demand option, we recommend you choose options that give you a similar training experience to the live webinars. Simply go in to the Badges links in the Faculty Workshop and check “Mark as Done” on the badge(s). The goal is for you to be able to administer your course. You choose the path you believe gets you there best. You marking the badges as ‘done’ is your communication to the Department of Online Education that you are prepared to teach your online course using Canvas. It is the honor system and we appreciate you honoring our request to check off the “mark as done” so we can ensure all our online faculty are given immediate access to their upcoming course shells. Thank you!

    Note: You will earn a Canvas badge from the Canvas team as a part of the Webinar. This is different from the HSU badge and is not required by HSU.

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