Music, Worship Leadership Concentration

Our new Bachelor of Science in Music, Worship Leadership Concentration degree is housed in the School of Music and offers a fully-functioning degree in music/worship leadership with a new core of worship-specific courses included.

This degree prepares our students with a breadth of information and skills that are applicable to a variety of careers in music and ministry. We educate students to enter the vast arena of worship ministry including training in worship technology, rehearsal techniques, production elements, service planning, team-building, varied denominational models, worship theology and philosophy, and church administration.

Students must be accepted to HSU and then audition for the School of Music to be admitted to the program and be eligible for a potential music scholarship. This degree also includes 15 hours of Logsdon ministry core courses, so students receive the full benefit of the pastoral and theological training available, with an overall emphasis on music and worship.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Music, Worship Leadership Concentration


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What is special about the Worship Leadership degree at HSU?

High Demand, High Growth

In Texas alone, there are projected to be 300 openings for music directors, including worship leaders, annually. Many of these positions have salaries in the $50,000 range.

Degree Flexibility

Core music classes for the Worship Leadership major will directly correspond with other music degrees. Should students choose to switch majors within music, they will not lose ground on the music core requirements.

Chapel Worship

This program serves as an excellent in-road for students who wish to participate in a worship capacity at HSU. It’s a natural way to serve for students who pursue the Worship Leadership degree.

Program Details

All courses can be found in the catalog:

New Courses & Descriptions

MUCM 1301 – Intro to Worship Leadership – 3 credit hours
This course will provide a broad overview of Biblical worship leadership from historical and current perspectives. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of the worship leader, survey worship ministry vocations from varied Christian denominations, develop a personal philosophy and approach to ministry and leadership and develop an understanding of basic church administration models. This course also includes involvement with HSU chapel services where students will participate in the planning, rehearsals and production elements as part of their total grade. This chapel element offers the students an opportunity to experience a wide variety of aspects involved in vocational worship leadership. Recommended that students take this course within their first 2 semesters of study.

MUCM 4326 – Worship Technology – 3 credit hours
This course is designed to explore the various aspects of worship and music in today’s church. Even the most traditional churches typically incorporate some aspect of technology in their worship and many churches employ a great deal of the most advanced digital and computer aided technology. This class will expose students to various aspects of sound, lighting, and multi-media as they are incorporated in the church.

MUCM 3XXX – History of Christian Worship – 3 credit hours
This course offers an in-depth examination of the history, heritage and practice of Christian worship. In the first half of the semester, students will survey content and worship development beginning in the New Testament with a focus on Psalms, hymns and traditional/sacred music. The second half of the semester continues the narrative of Christian worship as it has developed into what we know today as modern/contemporary worship song. Both sections will give focused attention to how Christian worship evolved over time with specific emphasis on Christian rituals including baptism, prayer, preaching, Scripture reading, the Eucharist, music, etc.

MUCM 4222 – Rehearsal Techniques for Worship
This course focuses on understanding different techniques for planning and executing effective times of rehearsal for worship teams, music ensembles, production teams, songwriting sessions and applied music areas. Students will examine different approaches for rehearsal organization and apply these techniques practically as a group or outside church/event settings. This course is designed to equip the student to effectively lead a variety of different worship ensembles. No prerequisites required.

MUCM 4328 – Worship Planning and Design – 3 credit hours
This course examines the philosophy behind planning the elements of a worship service for varied denominational models along with utilizing technology and production tools/techniques. Students will design topical services from start to finish including worship, seasonal, memorial and special event services. This course also includes visiting a variety of different local services for research and experiential information.

MUCM 4225 – Worship Song Writing and Arranging – 2 credit hours
Divided into two sections, this course focuses on an overview in the art of songwriting with an emphasis on biblical content for modern worship. Section 1 surveys the history and form of songwriting, including the formation of lyrical content and fundamentals of music composition and arrangement. Section 2 focuses these elements as students apply them in the creation and performance of an original work to be played and/or performed as a capstone project at the end of the semester. Intermittent creative writing and performance assignments will be given throughout the semester to build the student’s creative portfolio of original works and ideas that can be used to help complete the final assignment and contribute to future creative works.

MUCM 4351 – Worship Leadership Internship – 3 credit hours
Student will serve at least one full month full-time as an intern in a worship-related church, organization or business. The student will have the opportunity with the approval of faculty to choose his place of internship. Students must be prepared to provide for their personal expenses during this time of study related to this internship program which may take them away from the HSU campus in Abilene.

Students must audition for the School of Music to be admitted to the program.

Music Admissions, Auditions, & Scholarship Information

This degree prepares students to enter the vast arena of worship ministry.