Express Teacher Certification

The Express Teacher Certification (ETC) Program allows students who have completed a bachelor’s degree and who meet the requirements for admission into the HSU Teacher Preparation Program to complete Texas teacher certification in a timely manner while earning graduate credit hours.

When it comes to teacher career preparation, quality matters. HSU’s teacher preparation program has a successful reputation for preparing tomorrow’s teachers to not just pass their certification exams but to thrive with dynamic, student-centered classrooms. 98% of HSU’s Teacher Preparation Program completers passed the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility (PPR) certification exam the first time they took them. This is in comparison with the state’s average of only 92.8%.

“HSU’s Express Teacher Certification program was an amazing way to prepare for my teaching career. Every class I took within the program was set up to model how effective teachers should work within the classroom. We were regularly encouraged to teach our own lessons and to observe reputable teachers in the local area. The professors were also knowledgeable and in touch with the current learning needs of k-12 students. I felt completely comfortable stepping into my first classroom because of their training!” -Megan Abel, Express Teacher Certification Program Graduate

“The Express Teacher Certification program was truly one of the best experiences I have ever had. The program provided me with so many great opportunities that prepared me for my career. I was also incredibly blessed by each one of my professors during that program, and I still reach out to them when I need advice. It is a program that never stops teaching you because they are always available for you.” -Lauren Coleman, Hawley Middle School, Hawley, Texas

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Dr. Raney Terrell Edmiston- HSU Assistant Professor of Education & Certification Officer

Dr. Raney Terrell Edmiston

Assistant Professor of Education & Certification Officer

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  • Express Teacher Certification (ETC)

Why Get Your Teacher Certificate at HSU?

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Excellent Preparation

The major goal of the ETC Program at HSU is to provide opportunities for success in designing and implementing positive and engaging instruction and assessments. The Program involves application of theories, strategies, and principles of teaching and learning. All ETC classes, which are aligned with Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved educator standards, promote hands-on learning with various types of teaching experiences (e.g., one-on-one, small-group, summer practicums, or clinical teaching experiences).

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Experience Before Graduation

The ETC program highlights subject-matter mastery as well as real-life experiences in the field with experienced mentors. HSU’s ETC students gain face-to-face experience with real students in real K-12 schools, unlike online teacher prep programs with generic video-based participation,

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Multiple Certifications

HSU’s ETC Program offers certification in Early Childhood through 6th grade, grades 4th through 8th, grades 7th through 12th, and Early Childhood through 12th grade. Each grade cluster contains various choices of subject areas for certification.

Program Details

Course requirements depend on which grade cluster certification is sought. See the Graduate Catalog for detailed information about course requirements.

  1. Overall GPA: minimum 2.8 (must be maintained throughout the program).
  2. Oral Proficiency: A or B in COMM 1301 or 1302 or successful completion of program- approved oral proficiency
  3. Content Field 12-15 hours: ETC students must have completed 12-15 hours in their content (15 hours for certification in math or science fields).
  4. English Language Proficiency: ETC students must demonstrate English language proficiency through an interview and/or successful completion of the TOEFL
  5. Interview: ETC students complete a formal interview
  6. Candidate must successfully pass the Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) exam for their content field before admission and the beginning of any course

After ETC Completers establish several successful years in the classroom, more doors begin to open. ETC Completers go on to seek certification as Reading Specialists, School Counselors, School Administrators, and Superintendents. The experienced staff at HSU’s ETC program listen to your career goals and can help you find your best path to impact children’s lives.