Art Program

The art program at HSU offers a variety of BFA and BA degrees, as well as a minor. Our degrees have concentrations in General Studio, Graphic Design, Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, 3D, and Sculpture.

Our goal is for students to flourish within a Christian environment, participate in a visual arts curriculum that examines historical context, contemporary issues, and multimedia technologies, while balancing both theory and practice. Above all, we teach our students to be creative problem-solvers with open, responsible and flexible attitudes, capable of generating multiple solutions to contemporary visual challenges. We emphasize individualized attention and preparation of our students to be competitive in the visual arts job market and exhibition circuit.

Our facilities are located in the Frost Center for the Visual Arts, where you’ll also find our Ira M. Taylor Gallery.

Freshman Art Core

The freshman art core courses provide the crucial foundational skills of drawing, the principles and elements of 2D and 3D design, and an introduction to personal expression and concept development using basic media. General studio classes beyond the freshman core are provided to sharpen problem-solving skills in terms of more specialized media. A further emphasis is placed on the development of a uniquely personal relationship between idea and execution.

The art program is a member of the Texas Association of Schools of Art and the Texas Art Education Association, and has a student chapter of the Kappa Pi National Honorary Art Fraternity.

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Caleb Dulock-Assistant Professor of Art at the College of Fine Arts

Caleb Dulock

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  • Art, General Studio (B.A.)
  • Art, Graphic Design (B.A.)
  • Art, 3D Concentration (B.F.A.)
  • Art, Graphic Design Concentration (B.F.A.)
  • Art, Paint & Drawing (B.F.A.)
  • Art, Photography Concentration (B.F.A.)
  • Art, Printmaking (B.F.A.)


  • Art Minor (B.A., B.B.S.)

Why study Art at HSU?

Exhibition at Ira M. Taylor Memorial gallery at HSU

Your Work Shown Around Town

Our Art students have a variety of opportunities for locally presenting and exhibiting their work through juried exhibitions with other local universities, at businesses and coffee shops, and at the Ira M. Taylor Memorial gallery at HSU.

HSU professor and student interacting in art class

Taught by the best

Our courses are taught by creative professionals with terminal MFA degrees who are active in each of their respective fields and contribute to the cultural development of Abilene.

Program Details

The Art B.F.A. (Bachelors of Fine Art) is offered in six concentrations including: 3D, Graphic Design, Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Photography. The B.F.A. is considered a professional degree and an industry/academic standard and is designed for those art majors who wish to pursue graduate school to get an M.F.A. degree (Masters of Fine Art). This degree also provides a large number of studio courses and in-depth preparation for those going directly into the workforce. B.F.A. degrees require either a senior exhibition or senior portfolio, depending on the specific program a student chooses to pursue.

All courses and course descriptions for each degree type can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog:

Art majors in the Photography concentration are required to purchase their own digital camera kits: HDSLR or mirrorless system with 4K video recording, raw still image capture, and external mic connection. Required compatible accessories include: basic zoom lens, memory card, battery, video tripod, external microphone, and studio headphones.

  1. To effectively prepare students to work and become familiar with a variety of artistic media, and master at least one of them to a professional degree.
  2. To provide students with a historical background in the arts that informs an educated response to contemporary issues in the arts field.
  3. To enable students to become creative visual problem-solvers capable of generating multiple solutions to visual challenges.
  4. To promote a philosophical harmony of artistic theory and practice undergirded by an informed Christian faith.

The Art B.A. (Bachelors of Art) is offered in General Studio, Graphic Design, 3D, Painting and Drawing, Photography, and Print Making. The curriculum provides many of the same skills that our BFA degree offers but is designed for students who have other interests beyond a studio practice that wish to also pursue a minor,  double major, or cross-disciplinary form of study. B.A. degree-seeking students are not required to have a senior exhibition but are encouraged to participate.

Required Classes for BA’s (15 Credits):

  • Art 1301, 1311 (Drawing I, II).
  • Art 1302, 2302 (Design I, 3-D design).
  • ART 2321 Introduction to Graphic Design

General Studio

Art Courses:

  • Art History Survey I or II.
  • Art history (upper level).
  • Art 2313 Oil Painting.
  • Art 2314 Printmaking I.
  • Art 315 or 2317 (Sculpture I or Ceramics I).
  • Art 2382 Fundamentals of Photography.
  • Art 4360 professional Seminar (Capstone).
  • ART upper level elective.

Electives (3 credits): Upper level elective course.

Minor (minimum 18 credits, 12 upper level)

Graphic Design

Major Courses:

  • Art History.
  • Art 2382/3328 Fundamentals of Photography/Art Photo.
  • ART 3322 Illustration.
  • ART 3352 Typography and Brand Identity.
  • ART 3320 Photoshop for Graphic Designers.
  • ART 4325 Creative Web Design.
  • ART Adv. Publication Design/Packaging.
  • Art 4360 professional Seminar (Capstone).

Electives (9 credits):

  • ART elective, Studio Elective.
  • Upper-level elective course.

Minor (minimum 18 credits, 12 upper level)

The Minor in Art is offered to any student pursuing B.A. or B.B.S degrees at HSU.

Studio Art Classes:

  • Art 1301 Drawing I
  • Art 1302 Design I
  • Art History (Lower or Upper Level).
  • Studio Art Electives (9 credits).
  • Studio Art Electives (6 credits upper level).

Art Majors taking art minor may replace ART 1301/1302.

Students have a number of opportunities for getting involved and for professional development in the art program at HSU:

The ART 4389 Internship course has been used by various students to work in local businesses and gain professional work experience. These businesses have included local ad agencies, film production companies, art galleries and museums, and even Hardin-Simmons’ own Marketing office.

Undergraduate Private Studios
We offer our art majors 6 private student studio spaces, a privilege normally available in graduate study MFA programs only. These private studio spaces are competitively awarded to our high achieving undergraduate art majors and are used to give them dedicated space to privately work on projects, keep personal project supplies, and hone their artistic craft.

Kappa Pi National Honor Art Fraternity
Our chapter of Kappa Pi is a very active student art organization open to any HSU students that are interested in the arts. Opportunities include organizing and participating in special art events, exhibition opportunities, field trips, and more.

HSU Student Art Competition and Exhibition
The art department holds an annual juried competition for students taking studio art courses to submit works for a chance to be exhibited in the Ira M. Taylor Memorial Gallery.

Art Work Study Program
Our work-study program gives students opportunities to develop professional skills by working in our computer lab, the front office and gallery, photography darkroom, digital printing lab, and shooting studio.

Summer Study Abroad in Italy program
We host a special yearly trip opportunity for students to earn HSU course credits while traveling to Italy to explore topics in art history and culture, and take art courses from our HSU partner the Santa Reparata International School of Art. Follow this link for further details on our study abroad program and others at HSU.