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    Psychology of Personal Development
    Course content and exercises are aimed toward understanding and promoting personal insight and growth. Dynamic, Behavioral, and Existential approaches are covered. Fall, Spring
    Introduction to Psychology
    An overview of the scientific aspects of psychology with emphasis on learning, perception, motivation, physiology, human development and the philosophy of science. This course is a prerequisite for all 4000-level Psychology courses.
    Fall, Spring
    Special Topics
    2199, 2299, 2399
    Topics offered on demand reflecting general interest areas within the field not covered by existing catalog courses.  
    Life Span Development
    An introduction to developmental psychology. The course will present a view of the entire life span, with special emphasis on child and adolescent foundations of the entire life sequence. Spring
    Directed Study
    3301, 4301
    An opportunity for a major or minor in psychology to investigate an area of special interest. May include field observation, field training, papers, readings, etc. Prerequisite: 12 hours in psychology and permission of the Department Head. Field studies or placement must include a supervisor in the agency. May be repeated for credit with change of topic.
    Psychology of Learning
    A broad view of the field including classical, operant, and verbal learning. Applications of principal areas such as clinical education are covered. Psychology and Teacher certification students are required to observe 25 clock hours in a school setting.
    Fall, Spring
    Abnormal Psychology
    An examination of the field of abnormal psychology including disorders utilizing the DSM IV nomenclature. Historical background, philosophical and ethical issues, psychological and social viewpoints. Causes and treatments of abnormal behavior are examined. Fall, Spring
    Child and Adolescent Psychology
    An in-depth coverage of the basic developmental processes and principles of psychological functioning in physiological, cognitive, social, and personality spheres occurring from conception through adolescence. Fall
    Special Topics
    4199, 4299, 4399
    Topics offered on demand reflecting subject areas, trends, and developments within the field not covered by existing catalog courses. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301
    Psychology of Religion
    Study of psychological principles of behavior as they interact within the environment of various religious contexts Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301
    Research Techniques and Data Analysis 1
    A study of pure and applied methodologies used in the behavioral sciences. Topics include an overview of the philosophy of science, the experiment, and selected field methods. Applied topics include program evaluation. Descriptive and inferential data analysis techniques are covered. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301
    Research Techniques and Data Analysis 11
    A continuation of 4305 including multivariate and ANOVA designs. Selected subprograms from the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences are introduced and used.
    PSYC 4305
    Personality: Theories and Disorders
    A survey of the major contemporary theories of personality and personality disorders, examining both theories and individual, group, and systematic treatment strategies. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301
    Psychological Testing
    An intensive course in the administration and interpretation of results of tests of intelligence, aptitudes, and interests, giving the student practical training in such testing. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301
    Psychological Counseling
    A survey of the major approaches to counseling. Attention is given to theory, application. and basic research findings. Recommended for persons working in areas involving human relations and helping skills. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301
    History, Systems, and Philosophy of Psychology
    Emergence of modern psychology from the other sciences and philosophy; development of contemporary systems of psychology in America and Europe, with emphasis on historical and systematic development and the conceptual and methodological bases for the major systems of psychology. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301, Psychology majors and minors.
    Psychological Aspects of Gerontology
    A study in adult personality development through the completion of the life cycle, this course includes the psychological, physiological, and emotional phenomena associated with aging. Adjustment processes and approaches to coping with various aspects of life transitional counseling are emphasized.
    PSYC 1301
    Marital and Family Therapy
    An overview of the field of marital and family therapy including basic systems concepts, family life cycle, aspects of healthy marriages and family life, developmental changes of families. and major theoretical approaches and interventions in marital and family therapy. Prerequisite:
    PSYC 1301


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