Sangre Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

October 4, 2023 Landry French

Hardin-Simmons University encourages students to celebrate their heritage and culture from all over the world. These students then share their traditions with the campus. With Hispanic Heritage Month underway, the student club Sangre has been busy hosting various events all month, with celebrations to culminate with a campus-wide fiesta on October 4. 

An incredibly talented collection of students lead Sangre. Every club officer works hard to help Sangre grow and advertise itself as a welcoming community to Hispanic students and any other student who wishes to learn about Hispanic culture.  

Here are the dedicated students that lead Sangre:

Lizbeth “Liz” Orozco – Club President 

Lizbeth “Liz” Orozco – Club PresidentLiz is a senior at Hardin-Simmons University and is currently the president of Sangre. She is a social work major with a minor in worship leadership and is a first-generation college student.  

Liz first learned about Sangre in 2021 as a first-year student. Coming from a Hispanic family, she was elated to find a community of people like her in an unfamiliar place. As president, she is very hands-on and involved in the many events the club organizes. When asked about those working alongside her in Sangre, she shared, “I wouldn’t be able to do my job without my team.” 

Her goals for Sangre are to spread awareness of the club across campus and to continue helping other students. Being a first-generation student, she would love to help other first-generation students get their footing on campus like Sangre did for her years ago. Liz hopes to see Sangre be a place of community for students of Hispanic and non-Hispanic heritage to come together, learn about one another, and build friendships. 

Maribel Garcia – Club Historian  

Maribel Garcia – Club HistorianMaribel is a senior majoring in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. Within Sangre, she acts as the club’s historian. Outside of Sangre, she is a trumpet player in the Cowboy Band and jazz band. 

As Sangre’s historian, Maribel keeps records and details about the club’s events and accomplishments. Her other responsibility is as Sangre’s social media manager, where she creates graphics to post online.

To her, Sangre is a resource for students to learn more about Hispanic culture and to connect with Spanish-speaking people like herself. “Hispanic culture is more than just Mexico,” Maribel clarified. She hopes more people of all cultures will join Sangre and help the organization grow into something more than just a club. 

Mikael Echeveste – Club Member Liaison 

Mikael Echeveste – Club Member LiaisonMikael, a junior studying strategic communication, is currently the club member liaison of Sangre.

As the member liaison of Sangre, Mikael’s responsibilities include recruiting new students to join the organization and making sure Hispanic students on campus have a place on campus where they can feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Mikael first joined Sangre to help the club grow. He enjoys having the opportunity to support people wherever he can and hopes to help as many people as possible both on campus and in the community where he comes from. “I know how hard it can be to grow up as a Hispanic person,” he explained as he recalled his childhood. “I want to be there for people.” Through Sangre, Mikael feels he is able to achieve that on campus for other Hispanic students. 

Emily Razo – Club Treasurer 

Emily Razo – Club TreasurerEmily is a senior exercise science major and health science minor seeking to be a physical therapist after graduating from Hardin-Simmons. She is the first of her family to attend college. Her station within Sangre is the club’s treasurer. 

Her responsibility as Sangre’s treasurer is to control and keep track of the money Sangre uses, as well as attend meetings with the Student Government Association on behalf of Sangre. 

Emily first heard about the club as a freshman and quickly joined as it was a comfortable place for her as a Hispanic student. Her favorite part about Sangre is how welcoming the club is not only to those of Hispanic and Latin heritage but to all students, regardless of their background. She hopes to help organize events beyond Hispanic Heritage Month and coordinate with other clubs on campus. 

Odessa Leal – Club Vice President 

Odessa Leal is a senior at Hardin-Simmons University with a major in biology and a minor in psychology. She wishes to attend graduate school after leaving HSU to become an assistant physician. She acts as Sangre’s vice president and plays on the women’s soccer team.

Odessa is Sangre’s vice president, where she communicates important topics and concerns to the club president. 

Growing up with grandparents who could only speak Spanish, Odessa grew to be in touch with her Hispanic heritage. When first coming onto campus, she learned about Sangre and joined after seeing the community the organization gives to both the campus and its students. “I feel Sangre accomplishes the sense of welcoming and helps people to relate to others easily,” Odessa shared. She hopes to see the organization grow even larger and encourages anybody who is interested to join. 

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