Sangre Spotlight

September 19, 2022 Jaidyn Kamplain

In the fall of 2018, student Juan Sanchez created the Hardin-Simmons University Latin Student Union known as Sangre. Working with other students from Hispanic and Latino cultures, Sangre creates events and spaces that foster community and conversations about culture. 

Sanchez stated that as the club moved forward, he hoped to see it become more active and involved as they made “HSU more inclusive and more beautiful than it already is.” 

Four years later, Sangre is more vibrant than ever and continues to share the same spirit of inclusivity as it did in 2018. 

As co-presidents of Sangre this year, students Andrea Ashburn and Nate Mardo build their events around community and education by holding a variety of events throughout the year. These events are open to all students as an opportunity for cultural education for all. 

“Within Sangre, we can learn from each other about our diverse cultures. I can share my Mexican traditions with people from Brazil or Colombia and they can do the same,” shared Ashburn. “At the same time, Sangre is not only for people from Hispanic or Latin cultures. It’s for anybody who wants to learn or participate and see how we celebrate and embrace our culture!” 

Sangre often partners with other groups on campus such as Proven, International Student Fellowship, and SABERs to build inclusivity and embrace all cultures on campus. Last spring, each club participated in World’s Got Talent, a showcase for performances from all cultures.  

Additionally, the club serves as a piece of home for students from Hispanic and Latino cultures. 

“Coming to Abilene can be a little bit of a culture shock and might be intimidating for some students. We want to create a welcoming environment to help students transition easily and make them feel like they’re at home here,” shared Mardo. 

Mardo retold one of his favorite memories with Sangre from last year’s Hispanic Heritage Month. At an event called Bailes y Loteria on Moody Rooftop, Mardo recalls feeling welcomed as people from his culture and new friends from others mingled and celebrated. “It felt like worlds colliding, and it was really big for me to feel that sense of community so early on in my time at HSU.” 

Sangre will host several events under the theme “Unidos” to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year, including: 

Paletas y Pan – Friday, September 16 

Hispanic Chapel – Tuesday, September 27 

Zumba with ResLife – Wednesday, September 28 (Led by Andrea and Nate!) 

Loteria with SABERs – Monday, October 3 

Sing with Sangre – Wednesday, October 12 

Latinos in the Workplace Panel – Thursday, October 13 

Connect with Sangre on Instagram (@hsusangre).