Round-Up becomes Cowboy Connect

June 10, 2021 Jaidyn Kamplain

In the past, incoming students at HSU attended “Round-Up,” an orientation event to prepare students for their first semester in the fall. This year, Round-Up has been revamped, with a new name to complete its makeover! “Cowboy Connect” allows students to become familiar with our campus resources and the faces that will become family in the months to come.

Cowboy Connect continues to be a first phase of orientation with resource panels, a department fair, and financial aid discussions. However, Associate Dean of Students, Holly Edwards, shared that HSU hopes this will also be a time for students and parents to connect with other people.

Students play frisbee at Cowboy Connect.“I think it puts the focus on our idea of family and our drive toward connection here at HSU,” she said. “Our hope for students is that they will know they are entering a place that desires for them to be successful and connected. We want to do more than just provide resources – we want to help connect those to a name and a face on campus.”

The first Cowboy Connect event took place on May 14, and the next event will be on June 25 with more than double the number of people expected to attend this time.

Register before June 22 to attend the upcoming Cowboy Connect event.