Finance Camp for Area High Schoolers

June 27, 2022 Charis Ochu

This summer, Hardin-Simmons University hosted its first financial literacy camp for local high school students. HSU faculty who currently teach in the Kelley College of Business led various workshops and seminars over the three days. Participants experienced college-level materials, real-world examples, and a taste for financial security. The camp’s goal was to make students left aware of personal finance, real estate, budgeting, navigating the stock market, and more.  

Dr. Robert Tucker, Dean of the Kelley College of Business and Professional Studies, created this camp with a mission to educate students about finances, which could help them achieve their goals.

Along with their rotating seminars, students were engaged in a virtual investment game to introduce them to saving and investing through a simulation of the stock market. Each participant was given a virtual sum of $100,000 and expected to buy stocks for three days in a poor economic system. The goal of the game was to see how much profit they could make despite the harsh economic system.  

An award ceremony was held on the last day of the camp to acknowledge the students who willingly took three days out of their summer break to continue their education. Certificates were presented to each participant and the winners of the virtual investment game were recognized. 

Be on the lookout for upcoming finance summer programs. Can’t wait until next summer? Reach out to Dr. Tucker ( to learn of other ways to get involved.