Annual Student Art Competition

April 16, 2024 Charis Ochu

The Annual Student Art Competition was open to the public from March 25 to April 5, 2024, in the Ira M. Taylor Gallery inside the Frost Building. An award ceremony and artist talk-back took place on April 4. Student artists submitted entries in various categories and were judged based on multiple criteria. The guest judge was Rebecca Bridges, executive director of The Center for Contemporary Arts in Abilene. 

The exhibition featured artworks produced by HSU students in various creative disciplines, mediums, and styles.

Art Foundations award winner Karli Bauer shared, “I decided to study art at HSU because, during my campus tour, I fell in love with the art building and knew it would really inspire me.” She is grateful for the opportunity to study what she loves and enjoys at HSU. 

Below are the list of categories and the winners: 


1st Place: Taylor Ciavarella 

2nd Place: Emilia Ramirez 

3rd Place: Hailey Power 


1st Place: Taylor Ciavarella 

2nd Place: Augusta Bolton 

3rd Place: Grace Ganus 


1st Place: Katelyn Rowan 

2nd Place: Grace Ganus 

3rd Place: Jalen Valdez 


1st Place: Sunshine Seyda 

2nd Place: Taylor Ciavarella 

3rd Place: Hailey Powers 

Graphic Design 

Taylor Ciavarella 


1st Place: Esther Flowers 

2nd Place: Katelyn Rowan 

3rd Place: Katelyn Rowan 

Time-Based Media 

1st Place: Brandon Jimenez 

2nd Place: Evan Hanson 

Art Foundations 

1st Place: Karli Bauer 

2nd Place: Caroline Pocklington 

3rd Place: Karli Bauer 

Honorable Mentions 

Mandi Young 

Mary Santos 

Grace Ganus 

Simone Sheehan 

Katelyn Rowan 

Miguel Ortiz 

Jurors Special Award 

Bonnie Van Der Schaaf 

Best of Show: 

Bonnie VanDer Schaaf 

Learn more about HSU’s art programs here.