• Courses

    3099, 4099 (1-4 hours credit) Special Topics Designed to meet special needs of upper-level students. May be repeated as topic varies.

    3333 International Finance (3-3-0) (See ECON 3333 for course description.) Prerequisite: ECON 2333.

    3341 Principles of Financial Management (3-3-0) Fundamentals of liquidity management, capital budgeting, financial structure; internal and external sources of funds, and discounted cash flow techniques. Prerequisites: ACCT 2312 and BSAD 2302. Fall, Spring

    3342 Capital Markets (3-3-0) Money and capital markets; the effects of the market environment on financial management. Prerequisite: ECON 2333. Spring

    3344 Money and Banking (3-3-0) (Also see ECON 3344) History and theory of banking; money and capital markets; central banking; monetary policy. Prerequisite: ECON 2333. Fall, Spring

    3345 Financial Modeling (3-3-0) This course is designed to develop strong computer skills in financial analysis by integrating conceptual material previously learned with spreadsheet based numerical solutions. Moreover, simulation techniques and sensitivity analysis will also be incorporated. This course is the link between the theory of finance and the practice of finance. Prerequisites: CSCI 1303 and FINA 3341. Spring

    4341 Investments (3-3-0) The history and future of security markets; the development of skills relating to personal portfolio management; technical/fundamental analysis and the valuation of stocks; valuation of and investments in bonds and fixed income securities. Prerequisite: FINA 3341. Fall

    4342 Case Studies in Finance (3-3-0) Analysis of written cases and articles concerning cost of capital, capital markets, capital budgeting, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, and other related topics. This class should be taken in the finance major’s final semester. Prerequisites: FINA 3341 and Senior standing. Fall, Spring

    4343 Commercial Bank Management (3-3-0) The organization and structure of banks and the banking industry; the regulatory environment; lending policies and procedures; managing deposit services and non-deposit liabilities; off balance sheet activities. Prerequisites: FINA 3341 and 3344. Fall

    4344 Workshop in Finance (3-3-0) Real world applications of concepts of financial management and investments. Students will work with clients in areas of financial analysis, planning, budgeting, and problem solving. Topics will vary annually. Extensive out-of-classroom work by students will be involved. Prerequisites: FINA 3341, 4341, and instructor approval. Spring

    4351 Advanced Investments (3-3-0) This course is designed to provide a unifying approach to the valuation of derivative products, also known as contingent claims. Topics of particular interest include futures contracts, options, and swaps. Trading strategies involving options, including hedging and speculative positions, will be an integral component of the course. Prerequisite: FINA 4341.

    4353 Corporate Finance (3-3-0) The purpose of this course is a comprehensive examination of the role of financial managers as decision-makers in the corporate environment. The course is designed to focus specifically on corporate financial planning, risk and return trade-off, capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure, and dividend policy. Prerequisite: FINA 3341. Fall.

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