Spanish Minor

Our HSU Spanish program offers students a comprehensive liberal arts education and provides them with a body of knowledge and the analytical skills necessary to undertake linguistics, cultural, and literary research to apply it at work, graduate programs, missions, and daily life.

The mission of the Spanish program is to teach students to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, as well as to reach out to, understand, and care for other people groups. Additionally, our second language study promotes greater diversity of thought in all disciplines and deepen appreciation of one’s native language, faith, and culture.



  • Spanish Minor (B.A., B.S., B.B.S.)

Why study Spanish at HSU?

Salamanca Study Abroad Program

Our students can participate in the HSU – Universidad de Salamanca Spanish Study Abroad Program. Universidad de Salamanca is the third oldest university in Europe. It is one of the most affordable study abroad programs in the nation. Students return for a second time to study and learn more about the culture, and other students pursue internships with Spanish companies.

International students at HSU with flags from their countries.

Culture-Based Learning

The program's curriculum exerts a culture-based communicative approach that fosters the acquiring of a second language through an array of activities that promote language acquisition and cultural competency.

Spanish Professor Suarez teaching class with overhead projector

Haggerton Language Lab

The Spanish program is equipped with a language laboratory, where students have access to different online platforms to practice Spanish at their own pace.

Program Details

Courses include:

SPAN 1301, 1302 Elementary Spanish I, II (4-3-2) [#] Pronunciation, grammar, conversation, and the reading of simple prose. One-hour language laboratory per week. Prerequisite for 1302: 1301 or equivalent. Fall, Spring, Summer

SPAN 2301, 2302 Intermediate Spanish I, II (3-3-0) [#] Grammar review, composition, oral practice, and selected readings. Prerequisite for 2301: SPAN 1302 or equivalent. Courses must be taken in order. Fall, Spring, Summer

SPAN 3311 Spanish Communication (3-3-0) The development and practice of oral and aural communication in Spanish. Emphasis is placed on current usage and pronunciation in spoken Spanish. This course is not open to native Spanish-speaking students without permission of the Head of the Foreign Language Department. 12 hours lab required for a semester. Prerequisite: SPAN 1301, 1302, 2301, 2302 or equivalent. Fall and Spring

SPAN 4302 Advanced Spanish Communication (3-3-0) Advanced practice in oral communication. The development of advanced-level oral/aural skills. Prerequisite: SPAN 3311 or permission of the instructor. Spring (even years)

SPAN 4311 Advanced Spanish Grammar (3-3-0) The writing of themes, practice in grammar and idioms, and everyday conversations. Prerequisites: 1301, 1302, 2301, 2302 or equivalent. Fall (even years)

SPAN 4312 Spanish Linguistics (3-3-0) A study of phonology, phonetics, and morphology of Spanish contrasted with English. Prerequisites: 1301, 1302, 2301, 2302 or equivalent. Spring (even years)

SPAN 3320 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3-3-0) A study of less difficult selections in the fields of Spanish and Spanish American literature. Included will be examples from various genres. Prerequisites: 4 semesters of Spanish or permission of instructor. Spring (odd years)

SPAN 4320 Hispanic Literature A survey of instructor’s choice of Spanish or Latin American literature with emphasis on literary periods and examples from various genres. May be repeated as topics change. Prerequisite: SPAN 3320 or consent of the instructor. May be taken for credit more than once depending on emphasis. Fall (odd years)

SPAN 4337 Capstone Course Encapsulation of major components of the Spanish major, including but not limited to literature, language, culture, oral proficiency, writing proficiency, and/or methodology. Emphasis of the course may vary. Prerequisite: 6 courses in Spanish or the consent of the instructor. As needed.

All HSU students are eligible for this program.

Why Study Spanish?

Whether your goal is a career in education, mass media industry, business, diplomacy, health care, law, social services, or other fields, fluency in Spanish and an understanding of the Spanish cultures will open many job opportunities.

  • The United States is the world’s second-largest “Spanish-speaking” country with more than 1 person in 10 who speaks Spanish as his or her native language.
  • In 2011, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that more than 39 million people in the United States were native speakers of Spanish.
  • Spanish is spoken in 44 countries.
  • Spanish is the official language in more than 20 countries.
  • Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world.
  • Learning Spanish makes you a more successful and marketable employee in today’s global economy.
  • There is a shortage of teachers of Spanish in Texas.

Through a generous donation from the Haggerton estate, the Spanish program offers HSU students the many features of its state-of-the-art multimedia language facility. Students in all first-year language classes are expected to complete a minimum of one-hour language lab per week. Upper-level students will use the lab as required by the professor to practice communication skills, research, and to learn more about the culture of the target language. All students are encouraged to spend time in the laboratory for language review or improvement.