Theological Studies – B.A. Degree

The major in Theological Studies prepares students to engage the world theologically and ethically in order to serve in a wide variety of ministry careers, while also preparing them for advanced study in competitive graduate programs. The Theological Studies major is the most recognized major among graduate schools and will prepare students not only to go on and get advanced degrees, but also to be equipped for challenging and creative ministries, such as non-profit organizations or the arts.

Through this Theological Studies major, the student will:
• Learn methods of biblical interpretation
• Learn to read the Bible in its original languages.
• Study the history of the church
• Study key figures and movements in theology
• Learn to analyze and critique current ethical and theological trends
• Learn to articulate their own theological and religious perspective
• Learn to communicate historical, theological and religious topics to a broad audience
• Develop skills in research, writing and critical thinking.

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Larry McGraw- HSU Associate Dean School of Theology

Dr. Larry R. McGraw

Associate Dean of the Logsdon School of Theology; Professor of Bible

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  • Theological Studies (B.A.)


  • Religion Minor (B.A., B.B.S.)

Why Study Religion at HSU?

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Who are we?

God is active in our world reconciling all things through Jesus Christ. Faculty and students at Logsdon School of Theology are on a journey to explore how we can participate in God’s transforming mission. We invite you to discover your potential and gifts with us. Logsdon programs provide opportunities to serve in 21st-century ministries while nurturing your faith and deepening your understanding of God and the Bible.

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What are we doing?

Logsdon is rooted in the vision of HSU’s founder James B. Simmons, a Baptist pastor who fought to end slavery and to educate all students regardless of race, gender, or religion. Given this rich heritage, Logsdon values diversity, welcoming men and women from all backgrounds. Emerging from our Baptist heritage, we focus on the centrality of Scripture, service in and through the church, ethical living, and freedom of conscience.

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Why study with us?

At Logsdon, we understand learning to be a collaborative effort. We lead students to engage the great questions of faith and equip them for a journey of discovering, “Who am I?,” “Who is God?,” and “Who is my neighbor?” Students at Logsdon are grounded in the traditions of Scripture and Christian theology and are prepared to be innovative ministers in a rapidly changing world. Out of their rich experience, both in academics and in the church, the first priority of Logsdon faculty is to teach and mentor the next generation of ministers.

Program Details

All courses and course descriptions for each degree type can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog:

All HSU students are eligible for this program.

Our Religion graduates have gone on to:

  • Earn advanced degrees at top-tier universities and seminaries for careers in academics
  • Study at seminaries in preparation for the pastorate and missional work
  • Serve churches as pastors and other various support ministries
  • Work at non-profit and secular businesses seeking to fulfill non-traditional callings.

Financial Assistance Information for Undergraduate Ministerial Students

Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon School of Theology is committed to helping future ministers afford theological education and ministry preparation. Due to the generous gifts of numerous individuals, foundations, and institutions, significant scholarship opportunities exist for all undergraduate ministry students.

Get more information about financial assistance for undergraduate ministerial students.