Public Administration Degree

In addition to acquiring general business skills and knowledge through a 39-hour business core, majors in public administration learn how administrators enact policy at the local, state, and federal levels. Students in this major are provided opportunities to gain an understanding of a broad range of skills that are necessary for successful implementation of the public good.

Graduates in public administration go on to supervise, direct, coordinate and implement government activities and policies in areas such as health, education, finance, labor, and justice. Many do the same type of work as their private sector counterparts: human resource management, project management, marketing and public relations.

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  • Public Administration (B.B.A.)


Why study Public Administration at HSU?

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Career Preparation

Graduates with a BBA in Public Administration are prepared for a variety of public service careers in local, state, or federal government management.

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Varied Experience

The HSU BBA in Public Administration is a multi-disciplinary degree with a combination of business, public administration, and political science courses being offered.

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Opportunities Abound

There are approximately 5,000 local governments in Texas alone. With a BBA in Public Administration, graduates are uniquely qualified to lead public organizations.

Program Details

All courses and course descriptions for the Public Administration, B.B.A. (PADM) can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

All HSU students are eligible for the program.

Graduates with the BBA in Public Administration may go on to careers in city government, state agencies, council of governments positions, and many other business-related opportunities. Typical job titles available to Public Administration majors might include: City Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director of Council of Governments, Directors of numerous State Agencies, and Federal Government employees.