Biblical Studies Major – B.A. Degree

The Biblical Studies major in Logsdon provides students with a strong foundation in Christian Scripture. Through this major students learn:

  • How the Bible developed
  • The history and culture of the biblical world
  • How to interpret Scripture in its context
  • The relevance of the Bible for today’s world
  • How to communicate the message of Scripture
  • How to read the Bible in its original languages.

The major in Biblical Studies prepares students at a basic level for ministry in and through the church and equips them for more advanced study in a graduate program.

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Larry McGraw- HSU Associate Dean School of Theology

Dr. Larry R. McGraw

Associate Dean of the Logsdon School of Theology, Professor of Bible

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  • Biblical Studies (B.A.)


Why earn a degree in Biblical Studies at HSU?

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Passion for Scripture

“All true Bible preaching is corrective in its character. Its tendency is to displace error and give room for truth.” That’s the first line of HSU founder James B. Simmons’s sermon, “The Cause and Cure of the Rebellion” (1861). At the heart of Logsdon’s approach to scripture is our celebration of its transformative power. Scripture isn’t simply a textbook. It is a dynamic, living Word that speaks to each generation. Come join us in learning what it’s saying to us in our generation.

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A Biblical Imagination

The great Protestant theologian Karl Barth once said, “The whole Bible authoritatively announces that God must be all in all; and events of the Bible are the beginning, the glorious beginning of a new world.” Studying the Bible isn’t just for knowledge, it is designed to ignite the imagination so that readers might see how the wisdom and vision cast by biblical writers can change the world. As you pursue a Biblical Studies major at Logsdon you will immerse yourself in the world God imagines for all of creation.

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Beyond Graduation

Many biblical studies graduates have applied to graduate schools to further their education as they prepare for church service or academic careers and have been accepted at seminaries and universities like Logsdon Seminary, Yale, Princeton, Boston University, Duke, Emory, Baylor, Fuller, Texas Christian, and the University of Chicago. Graduates have also gone on to careers in pastoral ministry, teaching, chaplaincy, youth ministry, missions, and work in non-profits. Their creative service stretches to places around the world.

Program Details

All courses and course descriptions for the Biblical Studies , B.A.(BSTU) can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

All HSU students are eligible for this program.

Our Biblical Studies graduates have gone on to:

  • Study in seminary
  • Earn advanced degrees for academic careers
  • Serve churches as pastors and in other ministries

Financial Assistance Information for Undergraduate Ministerial Students

Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon School of Theology is committed to helping future ministers afford theological education and ministry preparation. Due to the generous gifts of numerous individuals, foundations, and institutions, significant scholarship opportunities exist for all undergraduate ministry students.

Get more information about financial assistance for undergraduate ministerial students.