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    Religion - Historical/Theological Studies - The courses in Theology and Church History provide the student with an understanding of the basic doctrinal positions of the Christian faith, an understanding of alternative views, and an understanding of the Christian past. The student is therefore better equipped to evaluate the theological outlook of the present day.

    Courses in Theology (THEO)
    2099 (1-4 hours credit) Special Topics 4355 World Religions
    2101 Theological Research and Writing 4356 Christian Ethics and Contemporary
    4099 (1-4 hours credit) Special Topics Issues
    4320 Philosophy of Religion 4357 Christians and War
    4323 Christian Doctrine 4360 Evil and Suffering
    4351 New Religious Movements and the Christian Mainstream 4361 Faith and Reason
    Courses in Church History (CHST)
    3321 Baptist History and Distinctives 4358 American Christianity
    4352 Renaissance and Reformation 4099 (1-4 hours credit) Special Topics
    4353 Christian History

    Logsdon School Foundation Courses - For all majors in the Logsdon School, the following foundational courses are required in addition to those of the major : BIBL 2331, THEO 2101, 4323, and CHST 4353. BIBL 1301 and 1302 are also taken to satisfy the HSU core. Grades in these courses impact the grade point average of the major.

    For more information about Bachelors Degree Programs, contact:

    Dr. Larry R. McGraw
    Logsdon School of Theology
    HSU Box 16235
    Abilene, Texas 79698-6235
    TEL: 325-670-1268
    E-mail: mcgraw@hsutx.edu

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