• Management

    All organizations, whether business, educational, governmental, religious, or non-profit, are social entities. As social entities, organizations are made up of people and the things that they do are accomplished by, through, and with people. For an organization to be effective, the work of its people must be coordinated by someone or something. The coordination of the work of people and its study, fall within the domain of management. The principles, concepts, and skills of management apply to all types of organizations.

    The fields of business are the tools of management. A student majoring in management is expected to have a firm understanding of concepts and skills from all of the core business courses. In addition to the core business competencies, students in the management major study the interpersonal, group, leadership, and organization skills needed to effectively coordinate the work of others. Management majors also study the laws and regulations under which jobs are designed and employees selected, evaluated, compensated, and released.

    The management major is built with flexibility for students. In addition to the required management courses, students build a program of study around their interests. Management electives include courses in computer and information systems, entrepreneurship, managerial economics, leadership, international management, and several courses stressing classical administrative theory, organizational theory, and strategy.

    The applied and hands-on nature of management requires students to practice what they learn. Management majors are encouraged to gain practical experience leading, managing, and coordinating the work of others through internship and work experience and through involvement in extracurricular activities.

    Because all organizations require effective management and leadership, a double major or a minor in management is also a perfect complement to nearly any major.

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