• Salamanca Study Abroad

  • Salamanca & the Universidad de Salamanca

    • Castilla y León
    • Unesco World Heritage City
    • University founded in 1218
    • Third oldest university in Europe

    Housing options

    • Host homes vs. Dorms
    • Can have a single room or a double room
    • Include bathroom, desk, wardrobe, bookshelf
    • Has a workout room
    • Vending machines (coffee for .70 euro!!)
    • Lounge area with TV
    • Ping pong and foosball tables

    Culture and Food

    • THERE IS NO MEXICAN FOOD Except for one place on the Plaza Mayor
    • American chains only in big cities
    • They stay up late...really late…
    • Siesta from 2-5ish
    • Spanish food is exotic, unlike fast-food.

    Travel and Fun

    • School provides some travel opportunities and tours
    • Play soccer with Students from all over the world
    • Become friends with Spaniards
    • You schedule your own weekend travel
    • On weekends students can travel to nearby/far places:
      • Ávila
      • Madrid
      • Segovia
      • Aveiro, Portugal
      • Or wherever you want to go

    Study Abroad for Summer I June 1st to 29th, 2016

    • 2 Spanish classes = 6 credits
    • Approximate cost of trip - 6 credits: $4,397*
    • There is a scholarship available ($750)
    • Also, you can use your FAFSA money

    Learn the language, the culture, and meet new friends. Let’s go to Spain!

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