Writing tips for the new semester from the Writing Center

February 1, 2019 Ashlyn Schulle, Staff Writer

(Abilene, TX)–Around this time in the semester, classes gain momentum and suddenly students find that their free time has become another time for homework or writing papers. The fact that summer is on the horizon only makes it more difficult to focus on the assignments and papers looming in front of students.

The HSU Writing Center, a student-focused resource that serves to help students with all types of writing, is a great resource for any student that is struggling with a paper, or just simply needing another pair of eyes to look at a certain aspect of their work.

Dr. Jana Wesson-Martin, Professor of Composition and Director of the Writing Center, has a few tips to help students be more successful and productive in their studies, instead of merely scraping by.

A large part of getting any assignment done is simply to start and commit to working diligently. “Take on the challenge to submit your best writing for the assignment,” said Wesson-Martin.
There are a few things you can do to make the work easier and more enjoyable. “Work on your assignment in increments, rather than waiting until high noon when you have little time for revisions,” said Wesson-Martin, and on top of that, “reward yourself when you have completed part of the assignment, i.e., Gilbert’s Coffee or even a movie.”

For those that want individualized help from a friendly tutor, Wesson-Martin recommends having a tutor conference. “Come to the HSU Writing Center in Richardson Library. It’s a free service for students,” she said. “Come to the Writing Center with an open mind…know that the Writing Center is not a proofing or editing service, but rather a conferencing center to bring out the best in you as a writer.”

The Writing Center is located on the first floor of Richardson Library and the third floor of Abilene Hall, room 313.