The Brian Cargile Data Center

March 23, 2022 Mary Burke

Brian Cargile has worked at Hardin-Simmons for 35 years. In his role as Network and A/V Technician, Brian does a little of everything in Technology Services, but his primary focus has been supporting the campus network.

Brian Cargile

Brian Cargile

Brian was a key player in the original network installation of the campus and has been instrumental in growing and maintaining the network ever since. If any structure on campus is being built, remodeled, or otherwise updated, then Brian is involved. When the rest of us see walls and ceilings, Brian sees wires and conduit.  His knowledge of HSU’s physical infrastructure is unparalleled.

He was instrumental in the network infrastructure upgrades of 2000 where all the buildings were interconnected with conduit and fiberoptic cable. Every building developed on campus since at least 2000 has had Brian’s fingerprints on it. If there are network cables anywhere on campus, Brian either put them there or oversaw their installation.

On March 22, 2022, Brian was surprised by Eric Bruntmyer, President of Hardin-Simmons University, and other staff with the announcement of the Brian Cargile Data Center (BC*DC), a new server space named in his honor. A reception after the announcement took place with the entire campus recognizing Brian.

Travis Seekins, Associate Vice President of Technology Services, shared, “It absolutely thrills me that HSU is recognizing the tremendous value that Brian has provided during his time on our staff.  I’m encouraged to know that the name and contributions of Brian Cargile will be recognized on our campus long after we’re gone.”

Some words about Brian and his impact on those around him:

Travis Seekins, Associate Vice President for Technology Services, said,

“A data center is one of those things that stays in the background and keeps a business working. In so many ways, Brian is much like a data center. He doesn’t want to be the center of attention. He stays in the background, diligently working with relentless focus to accomplish the work of HSU.”


Cameron Moore, Manager, Network and Systems, Systems Administrator, said,

“Brian is the quiet, selfless servant, working behind the scenes to support other people. He is a professional beloved by the coworkers and contractors that get to work alongside him.”

“All the network closets across campus are Brian’s domain. He’s serious about how the cables are run, labeled, and managed. The new data center will be a giant version of that.  It’s like all his wildest network infrastructure dreams are coming true. I hope we can maintain it over the coming decades that live up to Brian’s standards.”


Andrew Briscoe, Construction Manager, said,

“Brian sees the future. Brian saw that HSU needed a network that would carry the bulk of the intellectual work performed on this campus and store it in a safe, flexible, and reliable way. Because of that vision over 20 years ago, HSU adapted to the COVID-19 condition of social distancing and quarantines without the same struggles as other institutions.”

“Brian loves the Lord. Brian will never force anything on anyone, but he is always mindful, tactful, and purposeful in every word that comes from his mouth. He offers great wisdom and insight on the work he does on campus, and he always offers a pearl of godly wisdom in all situations. He never seeks to be the focus of the moment, but his words are meaningful and reflective in a way that they linger and cause you to think about what matters and who you’re serving.”