Ringing In a New Chapter: Class of 2021 Celebrates Ring Ceremony

November 22, 2021 Sarah Harbison

Featuring campus landmarks and traditions, Hardin-Simmons’ official class ring signifies the transition from student to alumni for our soon-to-be graduates.

While class rings have long existed for graduating students, a uniformed design did not come about until 2004. The official class ring uses familiar images to unite generations of alumni with a universal symbol. Each detail of the ring was designed to highlight parts of HSU’s legacy, from the lariat, representing our Western roots, encircling the bezel to the pecan leaves, representing our campus’s beauty, on the side of the ring. Look closely, and you’ll see the beanie, Dam-it’s fire hydrant, and the campus bell also engraved on the ring.

Caanon Gibbons ’21 rings the bell after receiving her class ring.

December graduates received their class rings in November during Ring Ceremony. Students view the ceremony as a culmination of the many years of challenging work and growth they experienced while at HSU. Caanon Gibbons ’21 shared what the HSU ring means to her by saying, “When I look at this ring, I am overwhelmed with all the experiences I have had at Hardin-Simmons, memories I will cherish forever. This ring represents community. Without the people at HSU, I would not be where I am today, achieving all that I have. Hardin-Simmons will always be a home to me, a place where I was loved and accepted. A place where I was encouraged to be myself and celebrated for my achievements.”

After receiving their class rings, students, literally and figuratively, rang in the new chapter of their lives by ringing a physical bell. The bell represents the historic bell located on the campus lawn and the bell engraved on the class ring. Students then added their names to the official ring record amongst many former alumni.

On the inside of every ring, there is an inscription, “Connected for Life” symbolizing each students’ relationship to Hardin-Simmons University long after they walk the stage. No matter how far our students may go, this ring will always serve as a reminder of the family and home found at Hardin-Simmons.

Congratulations Class of ’21! We cannot wait to see where you go!