President’s Day Spotlight: Evan Morgan

February 21, 2024 Charis Ochu

President’s Day was earlier this week. In celebration of the holiday, we wanted to highlight the president of the Student Government Association (SGA), Evan Morgan. 

As a senior English major with a double minor in cyber security and business, Evan will graduate in May 2024. Since her first year, Evan knew she wanted to be a part of the SGA. In her time at HSU, she has served as the freshman class president, student body chaplain, and student body vice president.

Morgan Evan & Jake Deviney serve as president and vice president of SGA.

Morgan Evan & Jake Deviney serve as president and vice president of SGA.

According to Evan, one of the main goals of the Student Government Association is “to improve student life around campus and provide more opportunities for students within the HSU community.” She added, “From campus beautification to advocating for student needs on issues like security, inclusivity, and accessibility for all, SGA hopes to offer valuable assistance to the students at HSU.” 

Evan loves the opportunities and connections that SGA has provided her. “I have learned so many lessons over the past four years that will help me as I continue through law school,” she explained. She strongly believes that SGA has shaped her into who she always aspired to be in college while she was growing up. Furthermore, this organization has helped sharpen her leadership and communication skills. “It has taught me how to collaborate with diverse groups of people and advocate for the HSU student community’s needs. 

As President of SGA, she represents the student body before the administration, faculty, and occasionally, the board of trustees. She also helps bridge the gap between the student body and the administration. Furthermore, she is tasked with planning monthly meetings and agendas for clubs and organizations to attend and to share helpful information about proposals and upcoming events.

Evan especially loves the tight-knit community and supportive atmosphere that can be found at HSU. “I am grateful for the people I have met here, and the sense of belonging surrounding me has been incredible. HSU is definitely my second home,” she shared. 

In her spare time, she enjoys reading her Bible and having independent Bible study time, reading historical or psychological books, hanging out with her parents or close friends, and doing retail shopping. 

Evan encourages anyone interested in becoming a part of SGA to discover their interests and find a position where they can contribute to these interests positively. According to Evan, the organization needs people who are passionate about supporting, motivating, and encouraging students to be as successful as possible. “SGA is a family, and we welcome everyone inside and outside the organization,” Evan explained.