Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing invites comments for accreditation

Contact the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education to comment on experiences with PHSSN

August 6, 2018 Dr. Kristina Campos-Davis, Dir. of Communications

The Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing (PHSSON) is seeking re-accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). The  accreditation visit is scheduled October 10 through October 12, 2018 and will include the Baccalaureate (BSN), Master’s and the Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (ARPN) certificate programs.

PHSSON invites all members of the community to share their comments about the quality and effectiveness of the school of nursing. CCNE evaluates the programs based on the following standards:

  • Program Quality: Mission and Governance
  • Institutional Commitment and Resources
  • Curriculum and Teaching-Learning Practices
  • Program Effectiveness: Assessment and Achievement of Program Outcomes

Evaluators consider third-party comments relating to the program’s compliance with the accreditation standards. Written and signed third-party comments will be accepted by CCNE until September 19, 2018 or 21 days before the visit. Third-party comments are shared with the evaluation team, but not with the program.

As a member of the school’s constituency and community of interest, we invite you to submit comments to CCNE regarding any of PHSSN’s programs.

Please direct comments to:

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

655 K Street, NW, Suite 750

Washington DC 20001

By telephone: 202-887-6791

or email: