Leadership Studies Program Delegates Travel to Florida Crisis Simulation

March 13, 2019 Lucila Decia, Staff Writer

(ABILENE, Texas)– The Leadership Studies Program is always seeking new adventures and opportunities to improve the students’ leadership skills. Two weeks ago, the HSU Model UN Club, in coordination with the Leadership Studies program, traveled to the Florida Crisis Simulation at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and one was awarded with an honorable distinction.

There was a similar event at Hardin-Simmons last semester called the Texas Crisis Simulation. HSU took ten delegates that participated in this the TCS as well. During this type of conference, participants show their drive, capability, and resources to create a solution. The meeting required delegates to demonstrate, through teamwork and strategies, how to solve the conflicts presented in different committees. Representatives were continually modifying the scenario because their actions affected the whole environment.

“The first conference was a United Nations Model held in Washington D.C. six years ago,” says Dr. Coleman Patterson, director of Leadership studies and professor of management and leadership. “After that conference, Leadership Studies continued traveling to be a part of different models,” he says.

The Florida Crisis Simulation is dedicated to providing an engaging Model United Nations experience, unlike any other conference of its kind. The FLCS staff works diligently throughout the year to give the delegates an immersive crisis experience. Noah Jones, a sophomore member of the LSP, explained that the conference is highly prestigious.

“The people that the delegates were competing against are among the best in the country at what they do. Many of them were competing for the first time, and they hope to use that experience to make the next Texas Crisis Simulation even better,” he says.

The list of delegates is as follows:

Alex Hudson

Keaton Hippler

Noah Hollabaugh

Noah Jones

Keegan Winchester

Nathan Brown

Matthew Price

Clayton Cooper

Sam Behrendt

Mitchell Wolf