HSU Voice Faculty Bids Farewell with Final Collective Performance

May 15, 2019 Felicity Neptune, Staff Writer

(ABILENE, Texas)–As a final farewell, three voice faculty, Dr. Lynnette Chambers,  Dr. Chris Hollingsworth, and Dr. Melody Rich performed one last time together to a full audience on Thursday night. While Dr. Chambers and Dr. Rich will no longer teach at Hardin-Simmons, Dr. Hollingsworth plans to continue strengthening the platform he and his colleagues have worked hard to build for the College of Fine Arts.

Three of HSU's vocal instructors perform a theatrical piece during their concert.

Three of HSU’s vocal instructors perform a theatrical piece during their concert.

While serving together, the three faculty members have tripled the amount of voice students attending HSU, and have taught students the skills to work professionally throughout the country. The College of Fine Arts provides many opportunities for students to travel abroad, gaining real world experience for their craft. Students return from these courses learning what it is really like working in the music industry, sing on stage to an audience, and create music completely on their own.

HSU voice students have frequently been named as semi-finalists and finalists at Texoma National Association of Teachers of Singing regional conferences. “The arts on our campus provide a vital part of the university experience and serve a very positive and steady face for HSU in the Big Country,” said Dr. Hollingsworth. Providing a space for students to properly enjoy music and practice their talents can make a true difference in the mental health of a student and give them opportunity to have a career in something they truly love.

Proposed by Dr. Rich, the recital featured many duets and trios in front of a full audience in Woodward Dellis. The evening closed with many tears and hugs, as colleagues and students said their goodbyes to Dr. Chambers and Dr. Rich.