HSU Student Travels to Italy for May Term Travel Course

July 13, 2018 Grace Mitchell, Staff Writer

When Senior Bryson Hill decided to join the Honors program trip to Italy, he knew he would learn about people who shaped history. What he didn’t know was how the trip would shape him.

The HSU Honors program explored Rome, Assisi, Pisa, Florence, and Sienna during their ten-day trip to Italy. Hill, a Biblical Studies major, says his most memorable experience was seeing the San Damiano cross in the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

“While we were sitting there in front of the cross, I took my tour guide headphones off to lift up a prayer,” said Hill. “It was a really meaningful experience to pray in front of the cross that spoke to a man who changed the church.”

Hill had another memorable experience in Pisa.

Everyone knows that you go to see the Leaning Tower, but what I didn’t know is that there is this beautiful cathedral right next to the tower,” he said. “We went on a Sunday, so I was able to walk in and experience mass in this incredible cathedral.”

Before the trip, the honors students read a book about Michelangelo for their May term class.

“Reading the book gave me information that I wouldn’t have had,” said Hill. “I got to experience his life through the book and then see his work in person.”

Hill says that the Honors program has helped him to grow in knowledge, faith, and relationships with others.

“The Honors program has given me a place to experience travel like this, but it has also given me an open atmosphere to discuss tough issues,” he said. “It has given me friends and a community where we can grow together.”

Hill encouraged all students to take advantage of HSU’s many study abroad opportunities.

“If you’re given the opportunity to travel, I would highly recommend it,” he said. “It’s important to get out of your little corner of Texas and experience the world.”