HSU Offers Aid to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Members of the HSU Family traveled to the storm-affected area on October 19-22.

October 31, 2017 Krista Wester, Staff Writer

The Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), Chaplain’s office, and Student Activities recently organized a disaster recovery trip to give aid to the communities in Texas who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Members of the HSU Family travelled to these areas and offered their assistance on October 19-22.

Hurricane Harvey hit southern Texas back in August 25 and lasted until early September. The destructive natural disaster flooded many homes, leaving families with limited supplies and means of shelter.

Those who attended the trip were able to work with local churches, alumni, and other organizations to perform specific acts of service to those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The relief group helped out by clearing debris, distributing donated resources, and assisting in rebuilding work.

Hardin-Simmons University also worked alongside the Abilene community in providing financial support to the hurricane victims. Donations were taking up online through the HSU website, along with a collection from the Tedashii concert held on campus on September1. All donations were given to those in need and supported the work of relief programs, including the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Texas Baptist Men.

HSU students, faculty, and staff members also gathered in prayer for the entire storm-afflicted area and continues to keep those affected in prayers.