HSU Alumni launch health-centric snack company, Ezer Snacks

June 6, 2019 Macee Hall, Staff Writer

(ABILENE, Texas)–On May 31, HSU alumni Brittany ’10/’13 and Meguell Suell ’11 hosted a launch party for their company, Ezer Snacks, and their 1-minute protein cake. The Suells worked for two years on the cake before sending it to production, and the product is finally set to ship later this month.

Brittany and Meguell transferred to HSU after starting their higher education at other institutions. The couple got married while attending HSU in 2009, and remained active on campus well after their graduation with Brittany teaching yoga classes through recent years.

The Suells had their first child in 2014 and began researching the effects of refined sugar, leading Brittany to make a big decision. “I decided to go sugar-free for an entire year,” says Brittany. “Then, that turned into writing a sugar-free cookbook, and that turned into people saying, ‘I love your recipes, but can you just make them for me?’”

The idea for Ezer’s protein cake was born on the Suell’s anniversary in 2016, during Brittany’s sugar-free year. Brittany thought, “I want a dessert for our anniversary, but I don’t eat sugar.” After spending some time wandering the aisles of a local grocery store, Brittany and Meguell recognized the lack of easy to make, healthy dessert and snack options. Brittany then thought, “what if I took one of my most popular recipes and made it into something that could be in stores?”

Meguell and Brittany Suell stand in front of their company's logo with their youngest child.

Meguell and Brittany Suell stand in front of their company’s logo with the youngest of their three children.

The Suells then began developing what started as a cookie dough under the name Simply More Snacks. In 2017, the couple entered Abilene Christian University’s annual Springboard competition, a competition that provides funding for local startups, and won, which allowed them to start the process of creating a healthy alternative to other available snack products. The product shifted from cookie dough to a cupcake, and finally changed to the protein cake.

The name Ezer is a Hebrew word meaning life saver or helper. One main goal of the company is to provide easy to make alternatives to unhealthy snack foods currently on the market. According to ezersnacks.com, “our world is over-consumed with snack options that are full of foods that are fueling obesity and preventable diseases, and we want to be what saves people from their lack of choices. We are striving to make the lives of busy families EZ-ER with snacks that fuel their body any time of day.”

Meguell says that Ezer’s protein cakes allow the company to “reach out to the masses,” he says that “regardless if you’re gluten intolerant, dairy-free, sugar-free, you can enjoy [the cake].”

Two flavor options are currently available, Peanut Butter Chocolate Blast and Dark Chocolate Extreme, but the couple plans to extend their range of flavors and products in the near future. Ezer Snacks continues to partner with local gyms to spread awareness of their products, and the cake mixes are currently available for preorder on the Ezer Snacks website.