Hardin-Simmons University Announces Transfer Agreement for Tarrant County College Students

December 7, 2017 Timothy Wagner, Interim Communications Manager

Hardin-Simmons University (HSU) signed an articulation agreement on Nov. 28, 2017, with Tarrant County College (TCC), outlining a direct transfer option between the two schools for TCC students. This agreement clarifies and simplifies the process for students enrolled in TCC to transfer completed hours and continue their undergraduate education at HSU.

The articulation agreement enumerates which Tarrant County College courses will transfer to Hardin-Simmons and helps TCC students identify which courses will be most useful for their bachelor degree programs. The agreement is effective for the Spring 2018 semester and beyond.

This is the third articulation agreement with two-year Texas colleges arranged in 2017 by Dr. Laura Pogue, Hardin-Simmons’ Dean of General Education. HSU currently has articulation agreements in place with Hill College, Blinn College, Cisco College, and Midland College.

“This agreement helps clarify the process and make the transition smoother for those TCC students who see a connection between their academic and spiritual journeys. For those TCC students, and there are many, HSU is a place where they can continue both,” said Pogue. “For decades, Tarrant County College students have been bringing their hours to Hardin-Simmons and completing baccalaureate degrees, numerous HSU faculty have TCC hours on their transcripts, and our own president has taught on TCC campuses, so the HSU-TCC connection is already strong.”

“Tarrant County College is proud of the deep roots we have in this region, and this new partnership with Hardin-Simmons will benefit students by providing a cost-effective pathway for them to earn a bachelor’s degree and enter the workforce,” said Tarrant County College Chancellor, Dr. Eugene Giovannini.

TCC students can start their higher education with quality courses, close to home, and know that their courses will count toward a four-year degree at HSU later. TCC students will have clear course comparisons and HSU admissions counselors who will help them apply for admission and scholarships. Up to 66 hours of course work from two-year institutions may be accepted by HSU.

About Hardin-Simmons University
Hardin-Simmons University is a private, Christian, liberal arts university located in Abilene, Texas. Founded in 1891, HSU offers more than 85 versatile undergraduate and graduate degree programs. As a fully accredited university, HSU is dedicated to academic excellence shaped by a distinctive Christian perspective. The University offers distinguished schools of Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Sciences and Mathematics, Nursing, Human Sciences and Educational Studies, Theology, Business, and is also home to Logsdon Seminary. HSU was voted as one of the “Best Western” universities by Princeton Review (2017) and ranked as one of the best “Regional Universities West” by US News & World Report (2018).

About Tarrant County College
Tarrant County College is a public two-year college with campuses and learning centers in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. TCC is one of the 20 largest higher education institutions in the United States based on annual enrollment, with more than 100,000 students in academic, career training, and noncredit Community & lndustry Education programs. The College offers both on-campus and online learning through six campuses throughout Tarrant County. Visit tccd.edu for more information.