Hardin-Simmons offers a variety of travel courses through the summer

May 29, 2019 Felicity Neptune, Staff Writer

(ABILENE, Texas)–Here at HSU, students have walked across the stage and celebrated the end of exams; however, classes are still in session for those that are taking part in one of the many travel courses offered by Hardin-Simmons. Beginning in May, a variety of travel courses, such as the Civil Rights Movement and Art of India, have been offered.

Courses offered throughout the summer include Civil Rights Movement which allowed 13 students to travel through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee for Leadership or Social Work credit, Art in India for six students to explore India for Psychology credit, and for six students to travel abroad to Spain for Spanish credit. Currently, in Alabama, a course called Racism, Religion & Reconciliation is being taught for theology credit, and a graduate course called Counseling Diverse Populations recently returned from New York and Ireland for a mission trip.

The Civil Rights Movement trip with Coleman Patterson and Melissa Milliorn includes 13 students made up of social work and leadership majors and minors. This course takes students around  key points of the US where many historic sites of the Civil Rights Movement reside, such as Tougaloo College, Civil Rights Memorial walk, and the Rosa Parks Memorial.

“This trip helped me to understand the struggle and empathize with what my fellow man goes through just because of the color of his skin. I want to advocate for those who are not as fortunate as I am and spread the news that inequality does exist and we must be part of the solution to ending it.” Noah Jones, Junior, Leadership and Legal Studies Minor.

Taking a travel course helps students gain the knowledge and experience they need to move towards their overall career goals. Provided experiences that are not normally available in the classroom, each student comes back to HSU with a new view of the world as well as a new look at themselves. Travel courses are offered each year to show students that the world is diverse. One of the main goals for a travel course is to teach students to remember that not everyone has had the same opportunities growing up that we do today. Life is different in all parts of the world and for students to be able to experience these various lifestyles is a great way for them to see the cultural differences first-hand and remember the experiences forever.