Happy Father’s Day!

June 19, 2022 Charis Ochu

On Father’s Day, we recognize the men who have raised us, impacted us, and loved us. Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and more have had a hand in the development of countless others. At Hardin-Simmons University, we recognize faculty and staff who act as surrogate father figures and mentors to students far from home. We reached out to students to share a few words about their campus mentors, and here’s what they had to say.

Dr. McGraw has been a great mentor to me. He has helped me to understand the Bible more and to know the history behind it. His knowledge of the Bible has helped me grow in God’s word. Happy Father’s Day! – Raeyes Madrid

Dr. Larry McGraw

As an international student, I always have questions to ask on different topics. Mr. Kisemei is always available to answer any question I have to the best of his knowledge, and I appreciate this. Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Kisemei! -Shalom Ochu

Mr. Kisemei Kupe

I haven’t known Jagger for a long time, but he has impacted my life in many ways. He gives me advice and checks up on me, and everyone else around him. If you’re seeing this Jagger, Happy Father’s Day! – Esperanza Mendoza

Jagger Gran

Mr. Jagger Gran

Dr. Kelley is someone I look up to for advice and encouragement. It feels so refreshing to be able to talk to someone about absolutely anything. He opens opportunities to have deep and therapeutic conversations. The love he has for his students cannot be disputed. I wish you a Happy Father’s Day, Dr. Kelley! -Erin Read

Kelvin J Kelley-Associate Professor of Theology at the Logsdon School of Theology

Dr. Kevin Kelley