Fletcher Fitness Center aids students and employees in reaching health and fitness goals

July 8, 2019 Macee Hall, Staff Writer

(ABILENE, Texas)–The Fletcher Fitness Center officially opened its doors in September of last year, and since then, many faculty, staff, and students have reaped the benefits of having a state of the art work out facility on campus. Those utilizing the facility have reported boosted immune systems, improved stamina, and an overarching sense of pride and accomplishment. To highlight these achievements, the fitness center has begun featuring HSU faculty, staff, alumni, and students as their monthly Wellness Spotlights, which hang in the facility’s lobby to inspire the rest of campus to work towards their health and fitness goals.

The Fletcher Fitness Center opened it's doors in Fall 2018.
The Fletcher Fitness Center opened it’s doors in Fall 2018.

Last October, HSU’s Department of University Recreation began a series of Group X workout classes, that included Hatha Flow Yoga, TRX Basics, and even Bootcamp. These classes and the instructors that teach them help participants challenge themselves to achieve their goals.

“The instructors have been awesome to remind me that progress is slow but consistent,” says Russell Brown, a student in HSU’s Counseling in Family Ministry program and May fitness spotlight feature, who has lost 30 pounds and has improved his speed, stamina, and recovery time since attending classes at the fitness center.

Each class is taught by experienced and certified instructors who plan out each class to include students at all fitness levels, while also challenging those who are looking for a more intense workout. Another featured athlete, elementary education major Jaycee McCauley says that “it is wonderful to have the weight of planning a workout off of your shoulders… you can just show up.”

Because of the ease and fun nature of the classes, many people who have little experience in group workout classes have continued attending and are finding a love for physical fitness. “Last semester, my goal was to work out three times a week. Now I go five times a week, normally,” explains spotlight feature and nursing major Alianna Richardson. Alianna used to find working out to be tedious and boring, but thanks to the Tabata class offered through the fitness center, she now enjoys working out more each time she goes to the gym. “I am starting to enjoy and challenge myself the more I work out,” she says.

Students move into a squat position with the instructor of their workout course.
Students move into a squat position with the instructor of their workout course.

Although many of the group classes have ended, they will be back at the start of the fall semester. Until then, faculty, staff, students, and alumni are incited to participate in the free summer bootcamp course. The class is held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:15 p.m. and runs for one hour. The best part is that anyone can come work towards their fitness goals!

“I love the accountability from the instructors and the lifelong friends I’ve made during the whole process… If I can do it, anyone can. Just try it!” says Wellness Spotlight featured athlete Paula Fine, who works as an assistant registrar and graduation coordinator at HSU.