Faculty and Staff Ornaments

December 17, 2021 Mary Burke

Even after students head home for the holidays, Hardin-Simmons University faculty and staff continue to work on campus. Finalizing grades and end-of-year projects, while looking ahead to the next semester, these “quiet” days are often busier than when the students are here.

Among the hustle and bustle, HSU employees make the time to share in the Christmas spirit with each other. In years past, office decorating contests swept the campus with cheerful (and stiff) competition. This year, University Events, led by Cassie Mattern, introduced a new Christmas competition: an ornament decorating contest.

Faculty and staff could choose from either a blank wooden Dam-it ornament or a blank wooden Gilbert ornament. Each participant had one day to decorate the blank ornament with items only found in his/her office. University Events provided each participant with paint and glue, but other than that, it was up to each creative mind to create a unique ornament.

A unique use of rubber bands.

On December 15, faculty and staff gathered for a dessert reception where they voted on the ornaments. There were various categories, including, but not limited to Most School Spirit, Most Creative Use of Office Supplies, Best Dam-it Ornament, Best Gilbert Ornament, and Best Overall.

The participants did not disappoint! Rubberbands, paperclips, and pen caps took on new life!

Faculty and staff spent the afternoon enjoying each other’s company, voting on the submitted ornaments, and laughing at the creativity of their colleagues.

We can’t wait to see what fun event University Events comes up with for next year!


If homemade ornaments aren’t your forte, be sure to check out HSU Roundtable’s ornaments for sale. Each year’s ornament features a part of campus.