2022 Cornerstone Series Features Jimmy Dorrell

September 28, 2022 Jaidyn Kamplain

The Cornerstone Series is an annual sequence of lectures that celebrate Hardin-Simmons University’s foundation in faith. The series was endowed in 1966 by the late Dr. and Mrs. Lee Hemphill, in honor of Dr. Hemphill’s parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Hemphill of Coleman, Texas. This year, the Cornerstone Series ran from September 20-22.

Manny Silva, the Hardin-Simmons University Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) Director, had the honor of selecting this year’s speaker, Jimmy Dorrell.

The chapel band led worship through song.

“I’ve known Jimmy since my time in Waco, where he has spent over 25 years being a voice for the poor and marginalized,” shared Silva. “Jimmy serves as a voice that interrupts the hurriedness of our lives to stop and see who is in need around us.”

As a pastor of thirty years, founder of the non-profit Mission Waco, and adjunct professor at Baylor University, Dorrell brought a unique perspective on community outreach and involvement to the series this year.

With three sessions dedicated to the Cornerstone Series, Dorrell spent his time talking about how the church can look when the poor and marginalized in our communities are invited to partake in worship and conversation.

  • Session 1 was dedicated to Dorrell’s life of ministry and growing understanding of the communities around him.
  • In Session 2, Dorrell talked about Christian community development, in which he explored how Christians can truly serve and empower the poor and marginalized.
  • Finally, in Session 3, Dorrell explored what it means to be the church today and encouraged students to experience churches of other cultures.

Stretch your understanding of the kingdom of God. All over this world, a church meets. Some in houses, some in buildings, but wherever they meet they meet in Jesus’ name. We are the body of Christ.

BSM intern and worship leader Avery Pardue shared her biggest takeaways from the Cornerstone Series. “Cornerstone was a wonderful way to reach students on campus with the gospel and challenge them to serve as Christ has called us to,” said Pardue. “For me, my greatest opportunity to help others know the love of Christ is through the positions I’m in as a student leader on campus. It’s a great honor to walk alongside students in one of the most influential times in their lives.”

The BSM’s hope is that they would continue to encourage others to turn to Christ throughout the year. To stay up to date with BSM-hosted events, check out the BSM web page.