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Kenny Stephens

Dept Head: Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences; Professor of Physics Holland School of Sciences & Mathematics


  • Bachelor of Science, Physics, University of Texas at Austin, 1993
  • Master of Science, Physics, University of North Texas, 1996
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, University of North Texas, 2000

Dr. Kenny Stephens, professor of physics, has been Head of the Chemistry and Physics Department in the Holland School of Sciences and Mathematics since 2005. He advises physics majors and students in the Pre-Engineering program.

His doctoral research involved theoretical and computational analysis of space-charge effects in plasma sheaths (transition layers in a plasma near a material boundary) and drift tubes (conduits for transmitting charged particles). After completing his formal studies, Dr. Stephens held a post-doctoral position in the Scanning-Tunneling Microscopy lab at the University of North Texas, investigating the growth of carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition. He joined the HSU faculty in 2002.

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