HSU Athletics/Spirit Style Guide

HSU Athletic/Spirit Style Guide | July 2018 10 Just as the colors used to represent Hardin-Simmons University are important, so are the typefaces (fonts) used to present the University in a consistent image. Below are the typefaces that should be used in all collateral materials when possible. Please note that these should NOT be used instead of an approved logo, only as a supplement to the logo. Minion Regular Minion Semibold Minion Display Minion Italic Display Minion Semibold Italic Minion Bold Minion Bold Italic Minion Black Minion Small Caps Minion Semibold Small Caps GOTHAM BOOK GOTHAM BOLD GOTHAM BOOK ITALIC GOTHAM BOLD ITALIC GOTHAM MEDIUM GOTHAM MEDIUM ITALIC GOTHAM BLACK GOTHAM BLACK ITALIC GOTHAM LIGHT GOTHAM LIGHT ITALIC GOTHAM BOOK CONDENSED GOTHAM MEDIUM CONDENSED GOTHAM BOLD CONDENSED TYPEFACES