HSU Academic Style Guide

HSU Academic Style Guide | October 2018 3 SHIELD The illustrated portion of the logo is referred to as the “shield” of the logo. Featuring Logsdon Chapel and the banner showcasing the year in which HSU was formed, it is the central axis to the logo as a whole. The Hardin-Simmons University logo should always use the purple and gold hues as specified below. CMYK color mixtures should be used for all 4-color printing. In 4-color printing, ink will appear differently when printed on coated (glossy) paper than it does on uncoated (non-glossy) paper. Please ensure the correct color values are used for the type of paper it will appear on. The RGB values are also shown here for any digital use, along with the hexadecimal codes for web/online application. The RGB and Hex values are never to be used for printing. TYPE The letterform portion of the logo is referred to as the “type” of the logo. At times, the type will contain the abbreviated HSU along with Hardin-Simmons University, while other forms of the logo will only include one or the other. Special care was taken into consideration that all lettering is spaced and adjusted for aesthetics and optimal legibility. ELEMENTS 3 UNIVERSITY LOGO STYLE GUIDE ELEMENTS OFFICIAL HSU ACADEMIC COLORS PMS 1255C 1245U PRINT Glossy: CMYK C9/M35/Y98/K30 Non-Glossy: CMYK C6/M26/Y97/K15 DIGITAL RGB: R173/G132/B31 Hex: #AD841F PMS 268C 268U PRINT Glossy: CMYK C78/M100/Y0/K12 Non-Glossy: C75/M100/Y0/K15 DIGITAL RGB: R88/G20/B130 Hex: #581483 GRAY PRINT CMYK C0/M0/Y0/K35 DIGITAL RGB: R180/G180/B180 Hex: #B5B5B5