Range Rider

HSU Box 16100 | Abilene TX 79698-6102 Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Burl. VT 05401 Permit No. 779 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED In an effort to reduce waste and production costs, from now on we will only be mailing one copy of RangeRider to each household. However, if your family would like to continue to receive extra copies at your address, contact us and we’ll make sure you get the additional copies you need! If you have any comments, changes, or corrections, please contact us at: RangeRider@hsutx.edu or call (325) 670-1703 SPECIAL NOTICE! Invest in your future with a GRADUATE DEGREE TAKE YOUR CAREER to the NEXT LEVEL If you are ready to move ahead in your career, HSU offers over 20 different graduate programs in degrees that will distinguish you and symbolize competence and integrity to employers. HSU prepares students not just for jobs, but for successful careers. Fully online programs are available! Learn more: www.hsutx.edu/graduate QUESTIONS? Contact Joel Templeton, Graduate Admission Counselor at: graduate.admissions@hsutx.edu or (325) 670-1298