Scholarship Central

Endowed scholarship opportunities available to Hardin-Simmons students can be applied for through Scholarship Central, HSU’s scholarship management system. Visit Scholarship Central.

In order to access the system and view/apply for scholarships you must have HSU login credentials, of which are provided after you have been admitted to Hardin-Simmons.

Scholarship Central Frequently Asked Questions

Am I still able to submit the application even if my reference hasn’t submitted their letter of recommendation?
Yes, Scholarship Central allows for student users to submit their application before their listed reference completes their letter of recommendation and automatically applies the document to your application once finalized.

How do I know if my application has been submitted?
To check the status of your scholarship application(s) you will navigate to the left-hand side of the page and select the fourth tab labeled “Applications”. This screen will show the applications that you have yet to begin under the  “Ready to Start” status, those begun but not completed under the “In Progress” status, or under the “Submitted” status for those that have been completed.

Do I have to answer all the matching questions to submit my scholarship application?
You are not required to answer any matching questions to submit the General Application. Doing so will only consider the data that we already have on file for you including your admissions application, academic records, FAFSA data, etc.

I’ve answered several matching questions, but the majority of the remaining questions do not apply, do I need to keep answering?
Answering matching questions enables the system to identify more scholarships that you may be eligible to receive from data that we do not currently have. It is in your best interest to answer the matching questions that are applicable to enable the system to identify more scholarships that you may be eligible to receive.

How many matching questions are asked that pertain to HSU endowed scholarships?
There are 96 matching questions that are specific to HSU endowed scholarships. You will be prompted to acknowledge that you have completed all of the HSU specific matching questions once you have completed all of them.

When will scholarships be added to Financial Aid Award Packages within Student Self-Service?
If you are selected to receive one or multiple endowed scholarships, you will be notified by email the scholarship name and the amount awarded. Please allow 2-4 business days for this scholarship to be translated over to your Financial Aid Award Package within Student Self-Service

How often do I need to check Scholarship Central?
At least once a year, in November, so that you can submit the General Scholarship application to be considered for endowed scholarships. However, the system contains hundreds of external/outside scholarships that can be applied for that have their own application/awarding timeframes.