• How Can I File an Incident?

    If the incident(s) involve sexual assault or rape on or off campus, please immediately contact the HSU Police Department (325) 670-1461. You are also strongly encouraged to contact the campus Title IX coordinator, Megan Baldree, (325) 670-1831.

    What should I do if I believe a Friend has been assaulted or harassed?
    If you experience, observe, or hear of an incident involving sexual harassment or violence in any way, you should report the facts to the Title IX Coordinator, Megan Baldree.

    Hardin-Simmons University has a zero tolerance policy concerning sexual harassment or violence of its student or employees. The university will investigate all allegations of harassment.

    Amnesty for Complainants

    Hardin-Simmons encourages the reporting of sexual misconduct. Sometimes, complainants are hesitant to report to college officials because they fear being charged with policy violations themselves (such as a campus housing visitation rule infraction, underage drinking, or sexual activity which violates the Student Code of Conduct) at the time of the incident. To encourage reporting, HSU offers complainants amnesty for Student Code of Conduct violations related to reporting sexual misconduct.

    Amnesty for Good Samaritans

    HSU encourages students to offer assistance to other students in need, both on and off campus. When a student seeks medical assistance for a student in need, both parties will receive amnesty from disciplinary action for any related Student Code of Conduct violation. This policy exists for students who are hesitant to offer assistance to other students for fear of being disciplined for policy violations themselves.

    An example of a Good Samaritan situation may include a student at an off-campus party who is drinking alcohol in violation of the law or the Student Code of Conduct. If this person learns of a sexual assault at this party and comes forward or otherwise requests assistance for a victim while at the party, the person reporting the incident, along with the victim/complainant or others who report the situation, will not be held responsible by HSU for an alcohol policy violation. HSU policy is that it is more important to seek help right away for the individual(s) in danger, than worry about the effect of potential disciplinary or Student Code of Conduct violations.

    Where to report?

    Students, faculty or staff are encouraged to report any sexual misconduct directly to the Title IX Coordinator, Megan Baldree. Moody 219, (325) 670-1831.

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