• Resumes

    Did you know the average employer scans your resume for less than 30 seconds? Employers will decide based on that quick scan if you have an interview. The question is how can you make your resume stand-out?

    Creating a strong, concise resume is very important. A good resume will market your experiences and skills to the employer, and get you noticed for an interview. Tailor each resume specifically for the job you’re applying for by including only your experiences and education relevant to that position.

    Tips for your resume:

    • Keep your resume to one page (especially if you have less than 2 years in targeted field)
    • Do not use personal pronouns (e.g., I, you, she, he)
    • Start all phrases with action verbs (e.g., Managed, Developed, Led, Analyzed, etc.)
    • Want to learn how to make the perfect bullet point? Check out this tip sheet.
    • Choose a common font (e.g., Arial, Times Roman) and use a 10 pt,11 pt, or 12 pt font size with 1″ margins
    • Use a clean and organized layout for quick review by the employer
    • Focus on two sections: Education & Experience
    • Not sure where to start? Login to College Central Network and search the Career Documents Library.

    For additional tips on how to make a bullet point statements for your resume, action verbs, and examples resumes please log in to https://www.collegecentral.com/hsutx/.

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