• Receiving Mail and Packages

    Mail arrives around 9:30 in the morning, usually posted by 11:00. We receive most of our deliveries in the morning. UPS ground deliveries usually come in the afternoon. When you receive a package, you'll also receive a purple notice in your box. If you receive carrier notification that your package has arrived, please allow 30 minutes processing time before you check your mailbox for the purple notice card.

    We receive deliveries from all carriers (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, LONE STAR, etc) and they only deliver to the campus post office. When sending mail or packages, it is important to include the student’s mailbox number on the item in order to avoid delay in notifying the student of its arrival. Address mail pieces like this:

    Format for letters:
    S t u d e n t ' s N a m e
    HSU Box _ _ _ _ _ 
    Abilene, Tx 79698 

    Format for packages:
    S t u d e n t ' s N a m e
    2200 Hickory St, # _ _ _ _ _ 
    Abilene, Tx 79698*

    *May also use 79601, depending on carrier

    If you are expecting a package that you feel should've already been here:

    • Find out from sender which courier it was sent through.
    • Find out if it has a tracking number and what the number is.
    • Call 670-1321 and I'll be happy to track it for you or find other avenues of locating it.
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