• IRB Review Process

    Hardin-Simmons University faculty/staff (part-time or full-time) or students (part-time or full-time) conducting human research as a function of their relationship with Hardin-Simmons University or any individuals (ex. External investigators) who wish to collect data on human subjects with, at, or affiliated with Hardin-Simmons University must comply with guidelines below.

    Required Steps

    • Complete the Research Review Request Template.
    • All proposals must include an Informed Consent Form (when appropriate) or a cover letter for survey research where submission of the survey implies consent. Consent forms should be included as appendices within a proposal. Sample consents are found here.
    • When possible, investigators should attach photos, sketches, diagrams or other supporting materials to the proposal as appendices to help explain methods. These materials will assist IRB committee members in understanding the risks and safeguards discussed within the proposal and consent documents.
    • The preferred mode of submission is an email of the proposal and any accompanying documents using Microsoft Word to the IRB Chair.  
    • Proposals are typically distributed to committee members within a week of their receipt (except during University holidays and breaks). Investigators will receive confirmation their proposal was received when it is sent out for review. Reviews generally take 2-4-weeks, so investigators can expect to hear back from the committee chair within that period. Delays are expected around holidays, breaks or vacations (i.e., summer). Please allow time to provide clarifications to the committee.
    • Proposals are categorized by the committee as either:
      • Approved
      • Approved with Modifications
      • Further Information Needed
      • Denied
      Approved proposals may be initiated immediately. Proposals requiring modifications should be resubmitted with the required changes within one month. Proposals requiring more information or those that are denied may be reworked and resubmitted to the committee at a later date.
    • Projects are generally approved for a period of one year. Investigators who are conducting projects that extend beyond this time frame should notify the IRB of the expected date of completion and request extended approval. Likewise, primary investigators are expected to report significant changes in protocol or adverse effects immediately to the IRB.

    Required Submission Pieces

    Investigators - Group 1a (Investigator seeking initial approval from an IRB and/or HSU employees/students) Submit
    • HSU Faculty/Staff conducting their own investigations as the Primary Investigator (PI)
    • HSU Faculty/Staff completing degree requirements at another institution
      • (If using HSU IRB as primary, submit information as per Group 1a. If using other institution as primary IRB, submit information as per Group 1b.)
    • HSU Students who are conducting human research as a course or degree requirement, including undergraduate or graduate research projects, theses, dissertations, etc.
    • Cover letter/email to HSU IRB
    • Proposal, i.e., consent form and appendices as needed
    Investigators - Group 1b (Proposal has been approved by a federally sanctioned IRB)  
    • Faculty/Staff/Students from other institutions
    • HSU Faculty/Staff who are collaborating with Primary Investigators (PI) from other institutions
    • Cover letter/email to HSU IRB
    • IRB approval letter from home institution
    • Proposal, i.e., consent form and appendices as needed in original format from approving institution
    Students & Professor - Group 2 (In-class projects only)  
    • Students who are completing a class assignment on classmates where the research process/results will only be discussed in class.
    • Written statement from professor making IRB aware of course requirement

    All investigators should read the “Frequently Asked Questions” document on this website for further clarification.

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