• Common Classroom Accommodations

    Accommodations are decided upon based on review of each individual situation and documentation. Below is a list of the most common reasonable accommodations for the classroom.

    • Note-taking assistance
    • Additional time on tests (time and a half) unless speed is the essential element being tested
    • Alternative testing location with reduced noise and distraction
    • Test reader/scribe
    • Preferential seating
    • Allow tape recording of lectures (with professor’s permission)
    • Use of assistance software/devices for assignments
    • Use of colored paper for tests or enlarged prints

    Important information regarding absences

    The Office of Disability Services recommends that students with a disability-related need for flexibility in attendance meet with their instructors to discuss the extent to which modification in attendance policies may be reasonable for a particular class. Disability Services is available to consult with faculty on issues concerning disability and attendance. No accommodation exists that allows a student to miss class simply because of their disability. Class attendance is considered an essential element of the course unless otherwise noted in the course syllabus.

    Can Student Disability Services excuse absences?

    No. Students must follow the HSU attendance policy which is outlined in the catalog. A statement concerning absences may be added to a letter of accommodation to explain circumstances to instructors, but excused absences are at the department's discretion.

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