• Chapel Requirements

    • What is the purpose of chapel?

      The purpose of chapel is to enlighten by faith the Hardin‐Simmons community through true worship, service, and dialog as we encourage a love for God and others.

    • Is chapel required?

      HSU students are required to accumulate 80 chapel credits in order to graduate. This averages to 10 chapels per semester. Approximately 12 credits can be earned in chapel in any given semester. In addition, there are alternative events such as plays, recitals, assemblies, concerts, and the Logsdon chapel service where a student can earn chapel credits.

    • How do I earn chapel credits?

      Students must bring a valid OneCard to chapel or to an alternative chapel event and swipe the card once at the end of the service. Failure to do so will result in the student not obtaining any credit. One bonus chapel credit can be earned by attending at least 10 chapels in one semester. No more than one bonus credit can be earned per semester. This credit will be added automatically by the beginning of the following semester. Only chapel services count toward the bonus.

      Students can also perform community service to earn chapel credits. For every hour volunteered at an approved agency, the student receives one credit. A list of approved organizations can be found on the community service form, which can be picked up in the Chaplain’s Office, or downloaded here.

    • Is there a deadline for completing my chapel requirements?

      The chapel requirement must be met by the deadline for diploma cards. If the student has not accrued 80 credits by this time, he/she may make arrangements with the Registrar’s Office. Failure to do so may result in financial penalties, having your card pulled, and ultimately not graduating until this requirement is met.

    • What are the chapel requirements for transfer students?

      Transfer students will automatically receive .65 for every hour up to 60 chapels. This is true even for students who may have attended more chapels than this at their previous school. Transfer students must attend at least 20 chapels at HSU in order to meet their chapel requirements. It usually takes the Registrar’s Office at least one semester to add the credits to OneCard accounts

    • How will I know how many chapels I've attended?

      Each time you swipe your OneCard, the scanner will let you know how many credits you have. Each credit equals one chapel, and the total will carry over to the next semester. If you want to know how many more chapels you need to attend, simply subtract the number of credits from 80.

    • Can I waive the chapel requirement?

      If attending chapel is extremely difficult because of circumstances—for example, you work full time and you have children, then you may petition the Chapel Advisory Committee to waive the chapel requirement. Petitions can be picked up in the Chaplain’s Office, or downloaded at www.hsutx.edu/students/chapel/forms.php. Be advised that very few students are granted these waivers, and the committee meets only once a semester.

    • Where do I go for more information?

      Contact the Office of the University Chaplain at 325.671. 2190.

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