• Resume Writing

    The purpose of your resume is to provide employers with relevant information about your skills and abilities. Contrary to popular belief, a resume is not just a basic summary of your education, skills and experiences. Through your resume, you want to demonstrate for a potential employer that you are qualified and capable of performing the duties required for the position in which you are applying. Think of your resume as your advertisement. Determine what you want an employer to know about you, your education, and your experiences and then be sure you clearly communicate those points in your resume.

    Keep in mind that employers generally spend about 30 seconds scanning a resume. An average (or below average) resume is sure to end up in the garbage. Please review the following documents in detail before getting started on your resume and cover letter.

    You can access resume templates through the College Central Network. You can also view sample resumes in The Campus Career Coach's Resume Gallery.

    Keep in mind, templates and sample resumes will give you an idea of what the format of your resume should look like. Use a template as a guide and customize it to fit your needs. You do not have to use a template, but it may be helpful to you in deciding on the format of your resume.

    Your cover letter and resume are examples of your written communication skills and organizational abilities. A poorly-written resume can communicate carelessness and a lack of organization and attention-to-detail.

    If you would like to have your resume reviewed, contact the Office of Career Services to schedule an appointment. Please plan to drop-off or email your documents at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time.

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