• Advising Buzzwords

    Academic Advising: The process of meeting with your advisor regularly to plan your courses and evaluate your career options.

    Registration: AFTER you meet with your advisor, you can log in to HSU Central (specific dates are available from the Registrar) and add classes to your schedule for the upcoming semester.

    Semester Credit Hour: A measurement of class time. If you enroll in a 3 hour course, that class meets 3 hours a week. Full-Time: You must enroll in at least 12 semester credit hours to be considered a full-time student.

    Major: The area of focused career preparation. (30 or more credit hours)

    Minor: The support area or second interest area. (18 or more credit hours)

    Degree: The certification level you choose. (B.A. Bachelor of Arts or B.S. Bachelor of Science)

    Prerequisite: A course that must be completed prior to registering for another, upper level course. Prerequisites can be found in the HSU catalog.

    Catalog: The HSU guide which includes important dates, regulations, degree worksheets, course descriptions and contact infor- mation. View the online catalog.

    GPA: Grade Point Average , a number ranging from 0.000-4.000 that indicates how well you are doing in college.
    4.0 = 4 points (straight A’s)
    3.0 = 3 points (B average)
    2.0 = 2 points (C average)
    1.0 = 1 point (D average)
    0.0 = 0 points (F)

    You can use this GPA calculator to help you.

    Instructor Office Hours: Faculty hold office hours each week which are listed in their class syllabus. It is a very good idea for you to visit with faculty members and get to know them, especially your advisor. They are happy to help you with homework as- signments, papers, career decisions, or other questions you may have.

    Syllabus: A detailed explanation of the course in which you are enrolled. It includes faculty contact information, assignment descriptions and deadlines, test dates, and expectations.

    Foundational Curriculum: The set of core classes which all HSU students must fulfill to graduate.

    Degree Audit: The process of examining your academic record to determine if you have met all the degree requirements. Your advisor can help you with this process in HSU Central.

    Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page or contact the Advising Center.

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