Emerging Student Artists Collaborate for Group Show


Shown: Kate Lanting, "Arco Verde, Italia" and Kirstie Rhodes "Existential Crisis"
An eclectic collection from 14 emerging Hardin-Simmons University artists will be exhibited in a free show in downtown Abilene, March 3-7, 2014.

The artwork illustrates an extensive range of ideas, views, interpretations, and inspiration, including eccentric photographs, paintings, prints, and graphic designs from each of the collaborating students.

“The viewer is likely to find something applicable as well as moving that will hopefully spark the same imagination and creativity the artist experienced when producing the artwork,” said Linda Fawcett, HSU professor of art.

Artist exhibitors of “Collective Perspectives” will be available Wednesday, March 5, 2014, at a reception at Monk’s Coffee Shop, 233 Cypress Street.

The evening reception begins at 6 p.m. and is open to the public.


HSU Student Artists

Kevin Douglas Adams II, B.F.A., printmaking, Abilene, Texas

Adams favors dry-point intaglio because it provides the challenge of revealing form with linework and requires creative solutions for errors. Adams’s creations often sculpt the human form with line. He finds inspiration in artists Todd McFarlane and Kentaro Miura.

Brent Ashmore, B.F.A., graphic design, Abilene

Ashmore prefers digital media, especially vector-based computer programs. Inspired by pop culture, movie and television references are often included in Ashmore’s work. He enjoys the work of Angus McKie.

Katelyn Curry, B.F.A., graphic design, Forney, Texas 

Curry works primarily with digital media but enjoys painting in watercolor and acrylic.

When given the opportunity, Curry incorporates a retro feel into her design and typography, and includes animal themes into her paintings. She uses Pinterest to gather all the graphic design pieces that inspire her.

Claire deMo, B.F.A., graphic design, photography, Houston, Texas

deMo creates her art from a digital platform using a wide range of colors and styles. Working with a general theme of cartoon-style art, she captures feelings and emotions in caricatures, engaging people in a wide range of age groups. Glen Keane, Brian Kesinger, Karen Hallion, and Walt Disney inspire deMo.

Charles Cameron Lambert, a B.F.A., fine art photography, Abilene 

Lambert works primarily with digital photography, engaging his favorite subject matters —mankind, the human form, and mankind’s creations. Lambert is a purist. Without extensive photo editing, he prefers to maintain a level of integrity and honesty within his work to faithfully reflect the infinite complexity of the human form. Lambert admires classical painting.

Kate Lanting, B.F.A., graphic design, photography, Dublin, Texas

Lanting enjoys creating designs for companies, portraying identities through logo and layout. With a passion for photography, her body of work integrates country, western heritage, outdoors, and rugged designs. Lanting is inspired by Juliet Harrison’s photography. 

Kendall J. Leeming, B.F.A., graphic design, North Richland Hills, Texas 

Believing that humans have a lot to learn from all types of creatures, Leeming’s art often features animals. She enjoys experimenting with mediums and techniques. Leeming said she admires the whimsical meticulousness of Vincent Van Gogh and his use of art as a coping mechanism.

Aaron Livingston, B.F.A., graphic design, Arlington, Texas 

Livingston enjoys working with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Her work demonstrates a strong passion for animals, especially dogs. Livingston said dogs inspire her to love and be loyal, adding that her own dog puts her in a better mood and opens her mind to new ideas.

Rachel Shiloh Reasoner, B.A., graphic design major, communication minor, Early, Texas 

Reasoner enjoys the flexibility of working in digital layers. Interested in typography, she relies on the importance of words in her artistic expressions and believes the absence of words can result in a feeling of artistic silence. She considers the intent behind the artwork more important than the image or creation itself.

Kellie Reid, B.F.A., graphic design, Abilene 

Reid enjoys drawing with ink and pencil. Through her body of work, Reid likes to evoke emotion, thought, and tromp l’oeil. Her use of detail requires full attention and focus. Influenced by everything she sees in everyday life, Reid can draw equally with both hands, even though she cannot write with both hands.

Becca A. Rhodes, B.B.S., studio art, ministry, Honors Program minor, Grand Prairie, Texas

Rhodes enjoys smelling paint, ink, and charcoal, hearing the brush or implement on a surface, feeling the medium on her skin, and tasting the creative rush. She believes art is a unique platform to explore what it means to be human. Her work focuses on problem solving, metaphor, and deconstruction. Rhodes is inspired by Jacques Derrida, William Kentridge, and Mark Rothko.

Kirstie L. Rhodes, B.F.A., graphic design major, studio art minor, Artesia, New Mexico 

Rhodes’s favorite media are oil paint and photography. The paintings have unusual combinations of images. Her recent photographic works have been influenced by society’s demand for people (often women) to look pleasant and happy in photographs. She portrays the opposite—not anger or sadness, but a person displaying happily relaxed features. She is influenced by Sarah Ann Loreth, Todd Hido, and Andre Ketesz.

Crystal Thomas, B.F.A., graphic design major, Houston, Texas   

Thomas enjoys working digitally, using the computer as a medium. She loves the freedom and flexibility of digital to create tangible pieces of communication like posters and flyers. Her work focuses on color and some brightness, commonly conveying imagery of people or everyday objects.

Lacey Worley, B.A., graphic design major, Abilene, Texas 

Worley’s aunt taught her Adobe Photoshop at the young age of 9. She relies on her instincts and design practices that affect her emotionally and mentally. Worley is influenced by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and the Bauhaus movement.

The art exhibit will be on display at Monk’s, 233 Cypress Street, from Monday, March 3, to Friday, March 7, 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.




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