• Region I - 4A Tennis Tournament Updates

    Tournament Date & Time

    • Monday & Tuesday; April 14th & 15th
    • Seeding Meeting: 7pm, Sunday, April 13th @ Rose Park Senior Activity Center

    Tournament Site:

    • Rose Park Tennis Center: 817 Portland
    • 12 courts will be available for tournament play.

    Tournament Director:
    Stacey Martin
    Cell: 325-668-0915
    Email: smartin@hsutx.edu

    Seeding Meeting: Sunday, April 13th, 7pm
    The 2013 order of seeding shall be as follows: Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles, then Mixed Doubles brackets. There shall be proxy voting. Only schools with a player(s) in a bracket shall vote.

    For seeding purposes, each coach may present information on his/her player. Note....for information to be considered for seeding, that player's school representative/coach must be in attendance to present and discuss the information...no proxy presentations.

    Fall & Spring tournament record...

    • Individual and Dual Matches
    • Win/Loss Record
    • Past History in District, Regional & State Competition
    • Other Relevant Information

    Tournament Ball:
    Tournament ball is provided by the tournament. One new can shall be provided for each match.

    Tournament Competition:
    District winners shall be matched against district runners-up from another district. Players from the same district will not be placed in the same half of the draw. Third and fourth place will be decided in all draws. All USTA and UIL rules and regulations will apply to the tournament.

    Substitutions are not allowed in singles play. Substitutions are allowed in doubles and mixed only if made prior to the start of the tournament and a player is ill, injured or academically ineligible. An entire doubles team cannot be substituted.

    Plan of Play:
    The scoring system shall be Advantage-Scoring, best 2-out-of-3 set matches with a 12-point tiebreaker at six games all - in each set. There shall be a 15-minute default rule for a player not present when assigned to play. The point penalty system shall be used during matches. Foot faults shall be called.

    We will play the first three rounds of each draw on Monday. The finals and any necessary playbacks will be played on Tuesday.

    There will be a meeting at 7:30am Monday (for coaches who cannot make the seed meeting). First round matches will begin at 8am on Monday. Bracket order will be as follows: Boy Singles, Girls singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles, followed by Mixed Doubles.

    The school coach may coach players between points. Only the school tennis coach may give instructions and in doing so may not interfere with play on the adjoining courts.

    There will be a USTA referee and two USTA officials present.

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